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What are Lensbaby lenses?

Lensbaby is a line of camera lenses for SLR cameras that combine a simple lens with a bellows or ball and socket mechanism for use in special-effect photography. A lensbaby can give effects normally associated with view cameras. The lenses are for use in selective focus photography and bokeh effects.

What does a Lensbaby Spark do?

Lensbaby has announced the Spark 2.0 lens and its design draws inspiration from the original Lensbaby launched in 2004. The new lens allows you to adjust the ‘sweet spot’ of focus by physically bending the lens across a wide range of angles.

How do you use baby lenses?

How to Use the Lensbaby

  1. Put the lens on your camera.
  2. Switch to Aperture Priority mode if you own a Canon camera, or manual shooting mode if you own a Nikon.
  3. Point your camera at the subject that you want to photograph.
  4. Twist the focusing dial until the center of the viewfinder is in clear focus.
  5. Take the picture.

Which is the best Lensbaby?

The best Lensbaby and Lomography lenses in 2021

  1. Lensbaby Sol 45. For fun and creativity, the Sol 45 is just the ticket, and it’s a bargain to boot.
  2. Lensbaby Velvet 28.
  3. Lensbaby Burnside 35.
  4. Lensbaby Spark 2.0.
  5. Lensbaby Edge 35.
  6. Lomography Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass.
  7. Lomography Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

Is Lensbaby a macro lens?

Lensbaby lenses usually bring one area of a photo into sharp focus. With the +10 macro lens attached, the focus range is from 3.5″ to 5″. With the +4 and the +10 stacked on each other and mounted to the front of a Lensbaby, focus range is 2″ to 3″.

Are all Lensbaby manual focus?

Lensbaby lenses are fully manual lenses and focus is done manually. Composer Pro II, Velvet 56, Velvet 85, Burnside 35, Twist 60, Trio 28, Circular Fisheye and Sol 45 | Sol 22 all have a fine focusing ring that you adjust to focus.