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What am I supposed to find in Vault 15?

Rats, rats and more rats! This area has a layout much like Vault 13. Here most people will get their first armor….Living quarters

  • One hunting rifle.
  • One leather jacket.
  • 30 .223 FMJ.
  • One rope.

Is there a water chip in Vault 15?

After coming out of Vault 15 empty handed, travel to the Hub. Ask Ian for directions. Enter the large building labeled Water Merchants and speak to the Master Water Merchant, Martha Rastello. If pressed about Necropolis she will reveal its location.

How many ropes do you need for Vault 15?

One in Vault 15 on the second floor. Three on the table in the merchants room inside The Cathedral.

Where is the crowbar in Vault 15?

One is located in a dead-end corridor in Vault 15, near the entrance to the caved-in command center. One is located in the desk in the bottom-left room of the Crash House. One is located in the bottom right house in Adytum, inside the bookshelf.

What do I do after Vault 15?

After coming out of Vault 15 empty handed, travel to Shady Sands Ask Ian for directions. Enter the large building labeled Water Merchants, and speak to the Master Water Merchant. If pressed about Necropolis she will reveal its location. Alternatively, Miss Stapleton sells a holodisk with the location of Necropolis.

Is Fallout 1 timed?

13 Years is the Fallout 2 timer, Fallout 1 has a timer of 500 days (400 if you hire water merchants) unless it changed when they re-released it.

What weapons can IAN use?

He can use knives, pistols, and SMGs. He is effective with a 10mm SMG early on but becomes a liability with it when more companions join. Very capable with the . 223 pistol and a 14mm pistol.

What is a water chip 60 seconds?

Trivia. The Stranger won’t give anything to the player if he/she gave him a water bottle but also has an undamaged Gas Mask. The Stranger asking for a water chip and a gas mask in return of a water bottle, is a reference to his/her mission of finding the water chip and the need of a gas mask to survive in the wasteland …

Is there a merchant in Shady Sands?

Duc is a wandering merchant found near Shady Sands around 2161.

What is the time limit on Fallout?

The player character initially has 150 days (4 to 5 months, according to the overseer) before the Vault’s water supply runs out. This time limit can be extended by 100 days if they commission merchants in the Hub to send water caravans to Vault 13.

What is water chip?

The chip that controls the system is a fine example of 21st century electronics. It is a large circuit board with embedded vacuum tubes that regulates the filtration systems inside the water purifier and monitors the output for signs of contamination.

How do you save necropolis?

Notes. The Vault Dweller could have saved Necropolis from their slaughter by killing the Master before the Lieutenant, and doing so before March 25, 2162 (after 110 days have passed). To get the good ending, the player character should never return to the city after the date has passed.

Where to find vault 15 in Fallout 2?

Vault 15 can be found nine squares east of Vault 13 in Fallout and six squares east of NCR in Fallout 2 . This large underground shelter is one of the few vaults whose construction went smoothly and without delays, despite additional work poured into reinforcing the third level of the vault to ensure protection against earthquakes.

Why are there squatters in Fallout Vault 15?

The reason for their obstinacy was twofold. First, Vault 15 was the only home they knew. Secondly, they were actually covering for a group of raiders, the New Khans under Darion. Darion promised the squatters that the Vault was being repaired by his men, to provide them with shelter, food, and water.

What happens at the end of Vault 15?

The Vault was dead. Darion also managed to plant a spy in the NCR congress, giving him near-perfect intel on the NCR. The situation was resolved by the Chosen One. Hired by President Tandi to retrieve the computer parts from Vault 15, he also managed to broker a deal between the squatters and the NCR.

Where to find the manhole in Vault 15?

Kill all of the rats in the area. Get the Leather Jacket, the 10mm SMG, the Dynamite, and the 2 grenades on the upper levels. Get to the Vault Command Center. When you enter the vault area, you’ll notice a small shack in the middle of nowhere. Enter it, and you’ll see a manhole. Go down the manhole to enter the Vault 15 cavern.