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Were the Luna Wolves the best legion?

They weren’t the greatest Legion, but they were led by the greatest Primarch.

Do the Luna Wolves still exist?

There are still “Luna Wolves.” There are two things to consider. One of them is that they only get one chance. Like, what if the Imperial Fists, or just the leadership of the Imperial Fists and almost all of the chapter, but not one company, decided to become traitors for just a little while.

What happened to loyal Luna Wolves?

On Istvaan III, Loken and his fellow Loyalist battle-brothers cast aside the identity of the Sons of Horus, and proclaimed themselves Luna Wolves once more, extracting a heavy toll of dead on those they had once called brother. But in the end, the Loyalists were overwhelmed and eventually destroyed.

Is Abaddon Horus son?

Abaddon is the master of the Black Legion of Chaos Space Marines and is rumoured to be the clone-progeny of the Warmaster Horus, the greatest Traitor in Imperial history, and at one time his most favoured son as the first captain of the Space Marines of the Sons of Horus Legion. …

Is the Black Legion The Sons of Horus?

The Black Legion, at that time still known as the Sons of Horus, became the primary instrument of its primarch, the Warmaster Horus, to overthrow the Emperor of Mankind and seize control of the Imperium in the name of Chaos.

What happened to the Interex?

The Interex civilisation was ultimately wiped out by the Luna Wolves following the commencement of hostilities between the two human factions on the night Erebus stole the Anathame.

What happened Mersadie Oliton?

Both loyalist and traitor forces hunted her continually, and she was eventually rescued by Garviel Loken’s ship at Jupiter after sending out a distress signal simply stating “Mesaide-Loken”.

Does Trazyn have a Krork?

A twelve foot tall Krork in power armor more advanced than Astartes Power Armor. A Destroyer Lord who attempted to scour an entire planet on its own.