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Was the F4U Corsair a good fighter?

A highly-effective fighter, the F4U posted an impressive kill ratio against Japanese aircraft and also fulfilled a ground-attack role. The Corsair was retained after the conflict and saw extensive service during the Korean War.

Why did Corsairs have bent wings?

Why are the Wings of the F4U Corsair Bent? The aircraft designer, Rex Beisel, developed a radical new bent wing – or inverted gull wing – design that allowed the landing gear to be short and sturdy while still providing ground clearance for the propeller.

How much does a F4U Corsair cost?

These aircraft can command upwards of $4 million – sometimes $5 million – if completed today. Based on the cost and availability of the Corsair versus the Mustang, and the relative supply of the P-51, a Corsair would appear to be a great investment.

Was the Hellcat better than the Corsair?

Except for the Corsair being 20 knots faster than the Hellcat in the main, sea level, supercharger stage, both fighters had almost exactly the same speed at the low and high blower stages from 5,000 feet altitude up to service ceiling! In essence, they had the same performance.

What does the U stand for in F4U Corsair?

The U in F4U means that it was made by Chance Vought. Below is a list that the USN used to designate the last letter of the respective aircraft.

Who was in the cockpit of the F4U Corsair?

F4U Corsair #14 Corsair on board the carrier USS Essex CV-9 Marine Corps ace Major George Hollowell in the cockpit of F4U Corsair. F4U Corsairs of the VMF-321 and TBM on Iwo Jima 1945 F4U Corsair #815 “Brat III” of the VMF-225 on Iwo Jima 1945

What was the first fighter plane ever built?

Plans for the first airplane built in 1938 as a proposal of a modern single-seater fighter-board for the US Navy. It was intended to have then most powerful aircraft engine – the Pratt & Whitney XR-2800 Double Wasp.

What kind of bombs did the F4U 1D carry?

In April 1944, Vought launched a parallel with the F4U-1C production version of the F4U-1D fitted again in six machine guns cal. 12.7 mm and can carry a drop tank with 605 liters of fuel and two 1000 lb bombs under the wings. The counterpart of this version of the plants were Goodyear FG-1D planes, and Brewster F3A-1D.