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Was Rocky 2 nominated for an Oscar?

People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie
Satellite Award for Best Overall Blu-Ray Disc
Rocky II/Nominations

Did Rocky 2 win any awards?

People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie
Rocky II/Awards

Where was Rocky II filmed?

Pennsylvania Hospital History: Historical Image Gallery – Filming “Rocky II” Parts of the movie “Rocky II,” starring Sylvester Stallone, were filmed on the Pennsylvania Hospital campus in November 1978. The Eighth Street Gate, which appears in the background of this photograph, still exists today. Photo by Robert S.

Who directed Rocky 2?

Sylvester Stallone
Rocky II/Directors

Where was rocky1 filmed?

Filming. Principal photography for Rocky began on January 9, 1976. Filming took place primarily throughout Philadelphia, with a few scenes being shot in Los Angeles.

Does Rocky lose in Rocky 3?

Rocky wins this time, just barely beating Apollo to his feet before the ten count, and becoming champion by knockout. In Rocky 3, an overconfident champion gets destroyed by Clubber Lang, and after the death of his trainer Mickey, Rocky gets unlikely help training for a rematch from his old rival Apollo.

How old was Apollo Creed in Rocky 2?

Creed during his elaborate dance entrance. In 1985, Apollo (43 years old) comes out of a five-year retirement to fight mammoth Soviet Olympic boxer Ivan Drago, who had come to the United States on behalf of the Soviet Union to enter the world of professional boxing.

When did they film Rocky 2?

Rocky II is a 1979 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. It is the sequel to the 1976 film Rocky, and was the last installment in the Rocky franchise that was distributed solely by United Artists.

What happened to Gazzo after Rocky 2?

In the novel version of Rocky IV, it is revealed that Gazzo was killed sometime before Rocky traveled to Russia to prepare for his fight with Drago. This also resulted in the death of Gazzo’s bodyguard, as he took his own life, either out of extreme guilt for failure to protect his boss or sorrow at losing a friend.

When did the soundtrack for Rocky 2 come out?

A soundtrack album containing Conti’s score was released on August 25, 1979, and charted on the Billboard 200 for five consecutive weeks. Rocky II opened in 805 theatres and grossed $11 million in its first week. It finished in the top three highest-grossing films of 1979, in both the North American market and worldwide.

Who are the actors in the movie Rocky?

While Rocky attempts to prove himself and his family , his wife (Talia Shire), brother-in-law (Burt Young) and his recent born son. Then he’s trained again by the veteran , feisty coach (Burguess Meredith who repeats efficiently his series role).

Who was the underdog in the first Rocky movie?

Sylvester Stallone as Robert “Rocky” Balboa, “The Italian Stallion”: the underdog who was given one chance at winning the heavyweight championship from Apollo Creed in the first film. Due to the public’s belief that it was very possible that Rocky could have won, he gets a second shot at the title in this film.

Why did Sylvester Stallone want to make Rocky 2?

Stallone again wrote the script, originally titled Rocky II: Redemption, but John G. Avildsen declined to direct again because he was busy with pre-production on Saturday Night Fever. Stallone wanted the job and waged as big a campaign as he had for the lead role in the previous film.