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Was Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick banned?

It was banned by the BBC when we released it as a single but it sold about 18,000 copies.” Though not a chart hit, ‘Sex & Drugs’ became something of a punk anthem and regularly closed the show on the Stiff tour.

Who was the bass player with Ian Dury?

Norman Joseph Watt-Roy
Norman Joseph Watt-Roy (born 15 February 1951) is an English musician, arranger and composer. Watt-Roy’s music career spans more than 40 years. He came to prominence in the late 1970s, during the punk and new wave era of rock music as the bass player for Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

What Bass does Norman Watt-Roy play?

THE NORMAN WATT-ROY BLOCKHEAD BASS Bombay-born and London-bred, Norman Watt-Roy has forged a fearsome reputation, both live and in on record, as one of the all-time great British bass players.

Who is Josh Fossgreen?

Josh Fossgreen is an electric and upright bassist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proficient in many styles and musical contexts, he’s played from samba to ska, from heavy metal to jazz duos, from pit orchestras to soul bands to funk groups.

Was Ian Dury disabled?

Dury, 57, who is best remembered for his song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, had suffered from cancer of the liver. He died this morning. Disabled by polio as a child, Dury proudly flew the flag for the acceptance of disability.

What is the meaning behind Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?

Having finally read the lyrics, I’d say that ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ is most likely a reference to the sexual act. A brief summary of the song: There is one universal constant and it is sex. In this way it’s highly reminiscent of Cole Porter’s ‘Let’s Do it, Let’s Fall in Love’.

What band was Ian Dury in?

The Blockheads1977 – 2000
Kilburn and the High Roads1970 – 1975
Ian Dury/Music groups

Who played in the Blockheads?

The Blockheads
Members Chaz Jankel Norman Watt-Roy John Turnbull Mick Gallagher Derek Hussey John Roberts Gilad Atzmon Occasional Davey Payne Dave Lewis Terry Edwards
Past members Ian Dury Charlie Charles Stephen Monti Merlin Rhys-Jones Will Parnell Dylan Howe Wilko Johnson Lee Harris

What Bass does Josh Fossgreen?

Josh’s main bass is a 4-string Peavey Cirrus with Elixir roundwound strings and a Hipshot drop-D tuner.

What did Ian Dury suffer with?

cancer of the liver
Musician Ian Dury today lost his long battle against cancer. Dury, 57, who is best remembered for his song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, had suffered from cancer of the liver.