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Top 6 reasons to hire Ukrainian software developers

The times when hiring a developer to a team meant welcoming a new person in-house are long gone. More and more clients prefer to hire dedicated teams in popular outsourcing destinations with large pools of IT talent and affordable pricing. Ukraine is one of such locations, the one offering thousands of capable programmers at your service. Are you still in doubt whether to hire coders here? Consider these 6 reasons to make the final decision.

Competitive Rates 

The coder’s rate is a decisive factor determining the price of your software development project, so it’s vital to find the best combination of coding quality and affordable pricing. In this respect, hiring there is a wise decision as the software developer salary in Ukraine is much lower than that in any European or Western state, with no compromises for quality. Here, you may find a junior developer in most popular technologies starting from $500 per month, while senior-level talent may cost up to $3,500-5,000 per month. The deal will be very attractive for clients from the USA or developed European countries where developers change minimum 2-4 times more for the same work.

Impressive Variety    

Clients hiring in Ukraine get to the booming market of IT companies and software engineers of various qualifications specializing in all existing technologies and programming languages. To date, over 2,000 IT companies function in Ukraine (and the number is growing day by day), while the current talent pool of over 160,000 programmers is replenished with 36,000 new tech graduates every year. Such abundance of expert offers enables any company to find a proper fit for their projects based on the requirements and needs.

Solid Experience   

The Ukrainian developer market is able to satisfy any client and provide the necessary tech stack, seniority, and number of dedicated employees. Numerous R&D centers of global tech giants (e.g., Samsung, MyHeritage) have been functioning here for years, and employment in over 2,000 existing IT startups and established firms gives Ukrainian software engineers an indisputable competitive advantage.

Competitive Education 

Though most of the best IT specialists are usually self-made professionals with no formal education, the Ukrainian educational system is now specifically geared towards equipping coders with formal theoretical knowledge in software development. Every year Ukrainian universities give diplomas to over 36,000 graduates who hone their practical skills and narrow the focus to certain technologies to enter the Ukrainian IT market.

Choice of Technology 

Ukrainian coders are universal in terms of tech stack offers, and even clients with sophisticated, rare technology requirements can find a proper fit in record time here. Programmers in Ukraine specialize in all known technologies and programming languages – both old and complex ones (C#, C++, SQL, Pascal, Java, PHP) and new, emerging ones (Golang, Rust, Erlang, Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, etc.).


Working with people who understand you and share your work-related ethics and values is essential for the project’s success. In that respect, clients hiring Ukrainian developers may rest assured of a proper match between the in-house team and the dedicated team in Ukraine. Besides the convenient time zone for European countries, local coders share European values, while the Ukrainian mindset has many commonalties with the Western mentality.

This is not a complete list of reasons to hire developers in Ukraine. You will also enjoy great English proficiency of coders and an ability to expand your team on demand with the best available programmers.