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Database idea of socialization – some propositions that are theoretical comprising meaning of socialization like a socio cultural procedure and outcomes about the foundation of its evaluation of the database strategy that is methodological. The fundamental procedures, which have now been, submit base, the improvement of the strategy. A. Vl. A. bows at the start of the 1990s with regards to the overall concept of globe tradition (Lukow, V., Lukow, Vl., 1992), was completed by them as time goes by as well as their fans regarding various regions of the humanities, including sociology. Based on their meaning, the database within the many common type is understood to be “an entire organized group of perfected sociable topic knowledge, required for him as a way of alignment within the atmosphere, and beyond that as knowledge, that aren’t immediately associated with the alignment purpose, but increase comprehension the topic himself and serenity, provide urges to get a pleased, thrilling, diverse existence “(V. Lukov Vl, Lukov, 2013:. 3). Thesauri within this therapy would be the subject. Regarding the in-patient Database – is closely – and mini-sociable areas of understanding within the style, which he perfected and which he’s. The business of the design’s axis lies in a container of individual understanding that is preserved, altered, compounded within the type of technology than in another airplane. Axis database – within the coordinate program “friend”, which supplies individual alignment within the atmosphere.

This comprehension database base. A. Lukov utilized in its theoretical idea of childhood, the initial variations which were offered for them in numerous works of the late-1990s (Lukow, 1999; Kovalev, Lukow, 1999). With this foundation, it developed numerous procedures, symbolized like a database idea of socialization (Lukow, 2002; V. Lukov Vl, Lukov, 2013: 512-518). This concept’s fundamental procedures would be the following:

  1. Database – personal setup of the alignment info (understanding, perceptions), which evolves underneath the impact of macro and microsocial facets and guarantees the alignment in various circumstances and at various degrees of sociality.
  2. The improvement of sociality fundamentally uses the type of the department of “their” and “international” (underneath the powerful influence of substantial others) and create a placement about the established pieces of interpersonal existence in design (indications centered on weakly official difference of calculated guidelines, that will be indicated with a three-collection size: “0 + -“).
  3. Variation and internalization as phases along the way of developing the database element match the series: (1) divorce (research) “international” and also the institution of length connection is appropriate to him; (2) running “their” within the database as much as the increasing loss of a reference for “their”.
  4. The move of sociable encounter from generation the forming of a brand new sociable encounter, to era are inside the thesaurus (ie. ELIZABETH. One or other proven thesauri, that are backed by some teams and various cultural actors as well as the traces of thesauri, backed by additional team’s cultural stars). The construction contain both macro-impact (architectural-practical and situational), and microsocial impact (standing-role playing, team character, situational). Existence idea might have a part within the advantages of impacts that are numerous.
  5. Thesauri procedure brokers can alter the way the program (path, flight, stage speed) of the procedure and its own usefulness. Socialization’s potency is believed in accordance attribute of the given culture, with the database framework.