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Research can be conducted in a single step. In this case, the researcher immediately limits the number of pictures (25 pictures). The findings on the election (by the numbers pictures) are estimated separately for selected types and in general on the basis of the frequency characteristics. Specifically examines the nature of choice with the introduction of optimization Pareto problem, if the research is conducted in two stages.

Frequency allows you to group respondents to identify the typical differences. Extras are calculated by weighting coefficients obtained on the basis of the distribution of expert photos by Louis Leon Turnstone scale. In the first and second cases are built histogram, graphic images of the differences like spatial distances and fields. It is recognized that the response of respondents to a more symbolic images indicative of study topics than their judgments in this area.

With the development of computer programs in the field of visualization tasks is difficult to formalize the technological aspect of the method is simplified considerably and analysis of the data may be more meaningful. This revealed, in particular, a study in which years 2005-2006. AV Lukov held using a modified method of the character of the space in the study of paintings of students of the world. He introduced the method of symbolic space of a new condition: in his version implemented the principle of personal freedom that characterizes the understanding and therefore the presentation of the subject of his picture of the world (Lukow, 2007: 71-72).

The principle of personal freedom was carried out primarily at the level of formulation of the problem. Students are asked to prepare the work on the topic “My picture of the world.” In this case the fixed definition picture of the world was not given. Clarifications were made in terms of everyday performance, and very different, for example: “Describe your own picture of the world, you think about what is most important to you, valuable, meaningful”; “Imagine that you have to describe our world to a foreigner, an alien etc. It is easy to notice: What is “important” does not necessarily coincide with the “values” system “own picture of the world” is different from the “world view” which will describe a foreigner (from the “national picture of the world”) and alien (hypothetical “universal picture of the world”). Participants in the experiment, so that were free in the interpretation of the concept of “world view” that complicates the work of the researchers, but it gives you the opportunity to typologies thesaurus study group. Further work was at a level of structuring material. It was proposed to pick up 12 pictures (visual images), revealing the content of the picture of the world. It is not explained whether they should be somehow interconnected, are arranged in order of importance or magnitude of the events, even their number is strictly regulated, but only recommended. At the level of the presentation material works could be presented in any form (including electronic), moreover, the material could be represented in visual images, accompanied by signatures. Tasks are performed by students at home for a week, in excess of any restrictions on the freedom of its implementation is not set.

A compound selected images into the overall picture gives an idea in the design of paintings in the world. In this study, several methods such compounds have been identified: the location of a series of images (12, 18, etc…) On a single sheet; the reduction of the whole “picture of the world” to the way of generalizing; mix “picture of the world” to a specific object (for example: “The guitar, which I dream to buy”); narrative coherence images (adding to the visual range of associated text, revealing a sequence of images, for example, in linking the 12 images on the basis of a final thought, “God is always one”); relatedness of images on the basis of a computer presentation (in the form of a film with successive frames and signatures: a clip that combines 30 images, etc.); connectivity contrasting pairs, such as “Nature” (1) The beauty of the mountains, (2) environmental pollution; “Religion” (1) tolerance (2)religious intolerance; “Children” (1) a good parent, (2) abandoned by their parents; etc.; coupling the next fragment (ibid 75). The unity of the world picture appeared represented in all these processes, the connection axis, multiform. The participants in the study participants pictures of the world 536 “scenes” (ungrouped discrete elements) were combined in 12 of the most common “nests scenes”. Their analysis was used in the characterization of socializative process of transition age groups.