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In our opinion, the most accurate definition of sociological research – a tool of the sociological study of social phenomena in their particular state using the methods for the quantitative and qualitative collection, measurement, compilation, analysis of sociological information.

Case Study begins with the research and development program is carried out in full compliance with the provisions set forth therein. From the quality of the program, its scientific level depends on the effectiveness of the follow-up work of the sociologist or, as a rule, the research team of sociologists. Existing practice all sorts of polls that are held without carefully prepared research program, are not sociological research. Such facts are profane sociology indicate sociological unprofessional, permit to speculate on the authority of science, thereby undermining it. Moreover, the conclusions and recommendations derived from the application of sociological information collection methods without a program cannot be sufficiently reliable, and therefore their implementation in practice threatens not the solution, and the worsening of social problems, mistaken administrative decisions.

The program refers to the type of strategic documents of scientific research, the purpose of which – to introduce a common scheme or plan future events to present the concept of the study. It contains theoretical substantiation of methodological approaches and teaching methods of the study of a particular phenomenon or process.

The research program is the basis of sociological research, its quintessence. It contains all the researchers knowledge, his qualification in the selection problem, object and subject of the study, a sample and tools, organization of the field phase, the analysis and interpretation of the collected data, so all the stages of the work of the sociologist reflected in its main document – the program of sociological research.

Research Program – a summary of his theoretical – methodological premises (the overall concept), in accordance with the main objectives of the work undertaken and the research hypotheses, indicating the rules of procedure, as well as a logical sequence of operations for verification.

Sociological research program – this is a theoretical document outlining the methodology, methodological and organizational principles, methods, means of studying a particular social object.

Despite the diversity of the investigated problems, despite the differences in tasks, and the methods used, all studies have something in common, that is present in them in different combinations and in varying sequence.

We believe that the different sections of the program for the distribution of content from different authors, occurs depending on the type of research, especially research problem, goals and objectives of the study, expected outcomes, the traditions of sociological laboratory, the developers of the program experience, financial capacity, etc.

The volume of the program is different. It outlines, in a few pages, or submit a bulk volume.

Basic requirements for the program:

  • Necessity.
  • Explicitly (clarity and sharpness).
  • Flexibility.
  • The logical sequence of the structure.

As a rule, application SI (CSI) is carried through the development and implementation of sociological research projects. Sociological research project – a system of scientific research procedures, methods, and techniques phased study of social phenomena on the basis factual information.

In addition to the CIP (program specific SI) and to better highlight specific research procedures sociologist is obliged to develop a work plan.

The work plan allows you to organize properly and accurately and to plan the work of the researcher or research team according to its CIP, calendar dates, and resource provision. Work Plan – a list of actions sociologist scheme or artists group (up to 10 people the basic structure) in the study with the time distribution, logistical costs and the network schedule.

Work Plan wider research program. The main objectives in its development are the definition phases of the study; calculation of financial resources and human forces necessary for the success of the study; calculation of time slots for each phase of the study and as a whole; organization of coordination of interaction between different parts of the study; organization of empirical research.

Training data for data processing and processing include the steps necessary for processing data on a personal computer and a personal computer application direct.

The results of sociological research are reflected in the report. This report is a written document in which a systematic and visible manner presents the results of the study.