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Should I feed or finish Morkvarg?

You can either choose to convince him or fight him now. If you convince him, he’ll make one request: kill Morkvarg once you lift the curse. Regardless how you go about the conversation (or fight) you’ll still be able to get the cursed fang off of him. In this case you must feed him his own flesh to lift the curse.

What happens if you feed Morkvarg?

Meet Morkvarg (Middle Floodgate) Use your witcher senses to examine the area and inside. This is a hint: you can pick up his flesh — and feeding Morkvarg his own flesh will actually kill him. If you don’t want to bother with the quest, this will end it fast and net you 85 coins (the same reward Josta would give you).

What reward do you get from Morkvarg?

You will be rewarded with 50 XP and 85 Crowns. If you asked a reward from Morkvarg you can head to the Pawnshop located in The Bits in Novigrad for 50 XP, Deithwen, and Torn-out page: Werewolf decoction.

What happens if you let Morkvarg live?

1 Answer. Nothing happens, you never meet up with him again. He doesn’t have any effect on other NPC’s, except the shop dealer who gives you an additional little bonus.

How do I get cursed Fang?

Cursed fang is a quest item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can acquired or looted from Einar of Larvik.

How do you stop werewolf regeneration in Witcher 3?

You can assign these to your item slot through your inventory. From that point on, when you see a werewolf preparing to howl and heal, throw a Moon Dust bomb at it and it’ll temporarily be stopped from regaining health.

How do I get cursed Fang Witcher 3?

How do you seduce Yennefer?

When prompted to choose an outfit, you need to select the black and white one. During the quest, Geralt and Yennefer will slay an earth elemental, causing poison gas to fill up the room. When prompted for a choice, choose to kiss Yennefer and she will teleport the two of them away.

How do you use Fang on Morkvarg?

When Morkvarg is incapacitated, speak to him. Hand over the fang to lift the curse, then remind him about your reward. With that done, you’re able to return to Novigrad and collect your spoils (the Deithwen silver sword) from the pawnshop.

How do I cure Werewolf in Witcher 3?

Can werewolves regenerate limbs?

In First Edition, they can’t. In Second Edition, they can. The loss of a body part, like a limb or an eye, is a potential consequence of taking aggravated damage, whether from severe wounds or silvered weapons. In First Edition, werewolves don’t regenerate aggravated damage, so they’re stuck.

What are werewolves vulnerable to in the Witcher 3?

The Bestiary will tell you that Werewolves’ in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are weak against fire and the Igni should be used. After some time the Werewolf will start to regenerate it’s health, indicated by green numbers appearing over the beasts head. This is when you’ll need to switch up your method of attack.