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Revolutionize Your Business with Mobile POS Solutions

Traditionally, point-of-sale (POS) systems have consisted of a countertop terminal, cash register, and a combination of wired or wireless credit and debit card readers. While fairly effective at what they do (managing transactions) technology has come a long way and POS systems now offer a lot more and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Merchant service providers like Swift Payments support a number of POS solutions from wireless, virtual, touchscreen, countertop, and the newest mobile POS systems.

POS Systems Are Essential to Running Your Business

Many point-of-sale solutions are designed to help you manage your business better. They can process transactions while automatically keeping track of inventory, as well as provide live insights based on sales numbers. Wireless terminals offer convenient methods of credit and debit card payment that allow for tip prompting, while touchscreen cash registers provide all-in-one solutions that encompass a number of business functions like managing timesheets, tracking inventory, and creating purchase orders.

While all great, POS solutions can be pricey – especially the all-in-one touchscreen terminals. Combined with wireless credit and debit card readers, a business can end up fronting a huge cost to purchase and integrate a POS system into their existing infrastructure. While the benefits are worth it, there’s a newer, better, and more affordable solution that business owners should consider.

Mobile POS Solutions are the Future

Imagine having all the best aspects of every point-of-sale system all in one place? Mobile point-of-sale solutions (mPOS) are simply a way of using software to transform your mobile devices into your POS system. It can be used on almost any Android and Apple device, and basically establishes an infrastructure on your phone or tablet that allows you to accept and process payments, manage inventory, track sales, and much more. An mPOS can either be used by itself or integrated as a part of an existing legacy POS system.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy to get started. The mPOS software is an app you download from the Apple or Google Play store, and in order to accept payments you will also need a card reader that you can attach to your mobile device via its headphone jack. After connecting your device and card reader with the app, you’ll be all set to go, and customers can easily make payments by swiping their cards and signing the screen to complete payment.

Cloud storage is used to house all data, including customer information which gets encrypted for security. Cloud computing is great because it means that as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to access your POS system – even if you’re not on location.

Affordable and Convenient

Mobile point-of-sale systems offer affordable business solutions for owners who are looking for ways to improve their operations and services. And by teaming up with the right merchant services provider you can save even more money with a pricing platform that encourages transparency and uncomplicated charges.

So whether you’re looking to switch, integrate, or start fresh, consider using an mPOS system that can give you everything you need and more.