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Nowadays road accidents have become rampant, and most of the road accidents are by disobeying traffics signs, rules and over speeding. With the increasing number of people driving; youths, men and women all turn although adolescents tend to become more reckless. For this reason, I support all adolescents to be trained and given driving license and the government should restrict to the age and time of alcohol use and cigarette.


The first point, the young drivers don’t follow traffic rules and they’re inexperienced in the road. Controlling the vehicle is an apparent source of accidents, most accidents mainly come from over speeding due to drunk driving. They can’t maintain a proper speed because they are impatient indicating the wrong signal at the wrong place and for the wrong meaning. For example the young driver would like to go to the left and yet the indicator showing the right, this confuses the drivers and other road users and may cause accidents.

In addition, they should be told about the importance of protecting human life and taking responsibility for their choices on the roads. Due to curiosity and influence from other teens, some teens take the vehicles belonging to their parents. They recklessly drive on the highways exposing all the road users to accidents as they are unable to control the car causing accidents. Although most of the accidents would be by mature people, un road worthy vehicles, poor conditions of the road with pot holes and bad weather.

In conclusion, all human adults Nor youth all are vulnerable to accidents and all should have knowledge about the traffic rules and to follow this traffic rules strictly as ignorance and mistake will lead to loss of life.