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Process Of Buying Insurance Will Be Easy With Lifepal Hopes

The national and international investors have a great interest in the insurance industry and technology industry of Indonesia nowadays. The technology industry of Indonesia changes the lives of several people and helps to change customer behavior which leads to the development of the whole country. Insurtech is the booming industry in the country.

Process Of Buying Insurance Will Be Easy With Lifepal Hopes

Indonesia is one of the most leading and rising market for the insurance industry internationally. Munich Re Economic Research made a study that shows that there will be a great growth rate in the insurance sector with a CAGR of 9.2% from the year 2019 to 2030.

The people get more aware of the importance of their lives and health-related risk because of the coronavirus pandemic situation and the insurance sector in Indonesia had high benefits because the number of customers increases to secure their lives. You can notice the speedy recovery of premium for life and health insurance in the early months of 2020 when this deadly decease came into existence. You can get complete information about the gross premium income of life insurance in a chart prepared by

Process Of Buying Insurance Will Be Easy With Lifepal Hopes

Whether the insurance sector grows very fast but buying an insurance policy is not an easy task for the people of Indonesia. There are so many insurance agents that are not always updated with all insurance policies or they are not allowed to sell various brands and there are many agents that are not able to give after-sales service to their customers. This will limit the access options for the customers.

There may be a possibility that the traditional insurance agents have loose trust and faith and will not be able to explain the insurance terms to educated and digital customers. If there is any confusion in the terms and any biased recommendations from the insurance agents, it is only lucked to choose the perfect policy for you instead of any cautious plan.

You can have one solution for all problems from Lifepal as it is a trusted financial consultant that provides you the technical policies and content reviews about the insurance policy and financial preparation. You can select and compare the various policies offered by the insurance company and get suitable help and support before and after-sales like claim process, insurance policy management, and prompt support.

Process Of Buying Insurance Will Be Easy With Lifepal Hopes

Like the Insurance marketplace have a focus on the customers, Lifepal has built trust over more than 5 million visitors per month, more than 1 million followers on social media platforms, and near about 50 insurance brands with more than 250 products which cover life, health, automobile, pension, and other products. All these things make Lifepal the largest insurance marketplace and it depends upon the inventory size, digital visitors, and registered customers.

You can use Lifepal technology to use the data of million visitors of Lifepal and recognize their needs before offering the insurance policy and then provides them the most suitable policy according to their needs and budget.