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Is XD-S discontinued?

Discontinued: XD-S Mod.

What is the difference between the Walther CCP and CCP M2?

One visible difference is in the striker channel. The original CCP had a stainless, well, something in the channel. It was visible, sure, but the M2 update has a shiny-red indicator that leaves no question as to the status of the striker. If the CCP M2 is cocked, the indicator is visible; if not, there’s a dark void.

Are XD-S any good?

The XD-S is surprisingly comfortable for a subcompact, single-stack pistol. The grip is thin, but not overly so and for me at least, the gun feels good—feels substantial—in the hand. I find the grip angle to be excellent.

Who makes XDS?

Springfield Armory XD

Springfield Armory XD
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum .357 SIG .40 S&W .45 GAP .45 ACP 10mm Auto
Action Short recoil operated
Feed system Detachable box magazine
Sights Fixed and illuminated night sights

Is the Walther CCP M2 a good gun?

The CCP M2 from Walther really is a great gun for the consumer market that is looking for an affordable firearm that’s built for concealed carry. It is a superb mixture of size, ergonomic design, concealment capabilities, and functionality.

How many rounds can a Walther CCP M2 hold?

Walther CCP
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum, .380 ACP (CCP M2 380)
Action Gas-delayed blowback
Feed system 8-round detachable box magazine
Sights Interchangeable front sights,Adjustable rear polymer sight

What is a Springfield Xde?

Springfield Armory® XD-E™ is a slim, trim, ergonomically designed semi-auto pistol for concealed carry use, that uses a hammer instead of the original, striker-fired XD pistols. A single-stack magazine dramatically increases the concealability of the pistol by decreasing the width of the grip frame.

Is the Springfield Xde 9mm a good gun?

By all accounts, the XDE shoots well and is accurate. It operates reliably with a wide range of ammunition and bullet style. The design of the gun makes it easy and comfortable to carry. The grip makes the gun comfortable to shoot and manageable enough to remain reasonably accurate even when firing rapidly.