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Is WarGames a real movie?

WarGames is a 1983 American Cold War science fiction techno-thriller film written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes and directed by John Badham….

Distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment Company
Release date May 7, 1983 (Cannes) June 3, 1983 (United States)
Running time 114 minutes
Country United States

Is the movie WarGames on Netflix?

Sorry, WarGames is not available on American Netflix.

Is WarGames a good movie?

That is the message of “WarGames,” a scary and intelligent new thriller that is one of the best films so far this year. The movie stars Matthew Broderick (the kid from “Max Dugan Returns”) as a bright high school senior who spends a lot of time locked in his bedroom with his home computer.

Why is WarGames a good movie?

Great plot, humor and heart, wonderful performances by Matthew Broderick , Ally Sheedy-and Barry Corbin as the quintessential AF general. One of my all-time science-suspense movies. Great plot, humor and heart, wonderful performances by Matthew Broderick , Ally Sheedy-and Barry Corbin as the quintessential AF general.

Where can you stream WarGames?

You are able to stream WarGames by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Is WarGames on any streaming service?

Currently you are able to watch “WarGames” streaming on AMC+ Roku Premium Channel.

Is WarGames kid friendly?

Parents need to know that WarGames is a suspense-filled drama that will appeal to older kids, teens, and grownups. While there’s no violent action and the film delivers a sound message, it’s a race against time — nuclear weapons are about to be launched.

How old was Matthew Broderick in WarGames?

Broderick’s second movie, ”War Games,” in which he plays a 17-year-old computer whiz who inadvertently taps into the United States military command’s strategic planning program for World War III. He had auditioned for ”Brighton Beach,” and swallowed his disappointment when told that he was good, but too old.

What kind of movie is the movie WarGames?

Part delightfully tense techno-thriller, part refreshingly unpatronizing teen drama, WarGames is one of the more inventive — and genuinely suspenseful — Cold War movies of the 1980s. Read critic reviews WarGames: Official Clip – He’s Gonna Start a War!

When did the movie war games come out?

‘War Games’ only got BETTER in 36 years! I haven’t seen the film since it came out in 1983. I was impressed with it then, but viewing it again for the (first) time in 36 years, somehow the film has only grown more wonderful over the years. The ultimate anti-war film, and not a single life is lost.

Who is the author of the book War Games?

John Badham’s sci-fi mystery WarGames (1983) is a delightful comedic trial run about nuclear war potentially happening in America during the Cold War.

Is the movie war games a cold war satire?

WarGames takes notes from Cold War satire like Dr. Strangelove, coming of age sci-fi like Ender’s Game, Cold War comedy like The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming, and sci-fi mystery like 2001: A Space Odyssey. WarGames is fascinating in its ethos that nuclear war is futile as is the winning of the Cold War.