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Is Timor-Leste a part of Indonesia?

East Timor

Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste República Democrática de Timor-Leste (Portuguese) Repúblika Demokrátika de Timór-Leste (Tetum)
• Independence declared 28 November 1975
• Annexation by Indonesia 17 July 1976
• Administered by UNTAET 25 October 1999
• Independence restored 20 May 2002

Can I use Indonesian rupiah in East Timor?

By Regulation 2000/7 of 24 January 2000, the United States dollar (US$) became the new legal tender in East Timor. However, if you want to, you can use other currencies present in East Timor – the Indonesian rupiah, Australian dollar, Portuguese escudo and Thai baht – for every day business.

Is Timor-Leste a rich or poor country?

After a referendum in which 78.5% of Timorese voted for independence, Indonesia renounced control of the region in 1999, and it obtained official sovereign state status on May 20, 2002, under the name of Timor-Leste. Yet years following independence, Timor-Leste remains one of the world’s poorest countries.

What is the currency of Indonesia?

Indonesian rupiah
The Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country made up of thousands of small islands. IDR is the unique currency code of the Indonesian rupiah under ISO code 4217.

How did East Timor gain independence from Indonesia?

East Timor declared itself independent from Portugal in 1975, but was invaded by Indonesia. The country was later incorporated as a province of Indonesia. In 1999, in a UN-sponsored referendum, an overwhelming majority of East Timorese voted for independence from Indonesia.

Which country gained independence from Indonesia in 2002?

The United States recognized Timor-Leste, then known as East Timor, on May 20, 2002, when it achieved formal independence. Before this time, the region had been a Portuguese colony up until 1975 and was under Indonesian sovereignty from 1976 to 1999.