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Is there draw order in MicroStation?

By default, MicroStation displays the elements on your screen in the order in which they were drawn. If you’re using reference files, the active file will display first followed by the reference files in the order of attachement.

How do I set priority in MicroStation?

Set Fill to be behind all, Set Lines to be on top of all. Make sure Level Priority column is turned on in Level Manager. Right Click in Name box to check on Priority.

How do I change the order of references in MicroStation?


  1. Go to File > Reference to open the References dialog box.
  2. In the Reference dialog box, go to Settings > Update Sequence to open the Update Sequence dialog box.
  3. In the Update Sequence dialog box select the Reference (or active file) and then click the up or down arrow buttons to move the file up or down.

What is priority in MicroStation?

In any case, MicroStation’s help has the following text: Element Priority. (2D models only) Element Priority is a display-only setting that determines the order in which elements are displayed in a view.

How do you move levels in MicroStation?

Changing the Level of an Element

  1. Select the element whose level you want to change.
  2. Click the Active Level combo box. The levels in the open DGN file are listed.
  3. Click the level where you want the element moved. The element is moved to the selected level.

How does update sequence work in MicroStation?

To modify the file update sequence

  1. From the References dialog box’s Settings menu, choose Update Sequence.
  2. In the list box, select one or more references or the active model.
  3. Click the buttons to move the selected files in the chosen direction on the list.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the sequence is modified as desired.

How do you send back in MicroStation?

When conducting MicroStation V8 user training we cover the Edit > Bring to Front command….MicroStation Tip: Send to Back

  1. Select the element(s) to be sent to back.
  2. Open the Level Display dialog and turn on all of your levels.
  3. Using Power Selector invert mode select every element in your model.

How do you show all levels in MicroStation?

In the Attributes Ribbon you will see which Active Level is currently being used. If you click on this a pulldown box will display all of the levels within your design file. You can then select a new level to be set as the Active Level.

How do I select a level in MicroStation?

Select a single level Click the level. Select many levels at once Click and drag through the level list. Select non-contiguous levels in the list click required levels. Deselect a level click the highlighted level.

How do you send an element back in MicroStation?

How do you send a raster image back to MicroStation?

Option 1

  1. Open raster Manager,
  2. Right-click the raster in Raster Manager.
  3. Select a SEND TO BACK on the raster.