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Is there a cruise ship that goes to Cancun?

Carnival’s Cancun Stop Carnival transports passengers to Cancun as a shore excursion when its cruise ships dock at Cozumel to the south of Cancun. A ferry picks passengers up from the cruise ship and takes them 45 minutes to the north to spend 5.5 hours shopping in Cancun or visiting the local sites around Cancun.

How much does a cruise cost to Cancun?


4 Days from $249.00 5 Days from $309.00 7 Days from $349.00
11 Days from $709.00 13 Days from $1030.00 14 Days from $1270.00

Can you take a boat from New Orleans to Cancun?

Re: Cancun to New Orleans by boat? No, Cancun doesn’t even have a dock :)) There are no ferries between Mexico and the U.S. If you could travel on a Wednesday Air Tran costs around 280 USD.

How much is a 7 day Mexican cruise?

Seven- or eight-day trips through the Mexican Riviera are priced about $350-$1,100 per person, double occupancy for an interior cabin, depending on trip length, cruise line and sailing date. Upgrade cabins for a cost of $470-$1,300 for an ocean view, $630-$2,900 for a balcony or $1,030-$3,400 for a suite.

What to do in Galveston while on a cruise?

Galveston cruises give the opportunity to experience all that the pier has to offer. Enjoy the rides before playing all of the classic carnival games — there’s even a roller coaster on Pleasure Pier! Stroll past well-preserved Victorian-era buildings in the old Strand District during your Galveston cruise.

Where to go on a cruise from Texas?

Galveston, Texas Cruise from Galveston, Texas When you cruise from Galveston, you’re in for big thrills before you even set foot onboard the ship. A favorite vacation stop among families, this fun-loving seaside city in Texas offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty and warm southern hospitality.

Where does Carnival sail from in the Gulf of Mexico?

Set sail from a historic jewel in the Gulf of Mexico on Carnival cruises out of Galveston, Texas. Perched on the Gulf Coast, Galveston was a major commercial port in the late 1800s and has the restored architecture and proud history to show for it. Galveston’s long seawall stretches from beach to beach and offers gulf views the whole way.

Where to eat and drink in Galveston Texas?

Old Strand Emporium scoops out ice-cream parlor charm, while La King’s Confectionary is where local candy makers craft saltwater taffy in-house. Don’t miss a drive-through daiquiri stand for a frozen cocktail on-the-go.