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Is the Volvo V50 T5 AWD?

Volvo V50 T5 AWD The top-of-the-line model in the V50 programme is a four-wheel-drive, turbocharged Volvo, the V50 T5 AWD. It has a five-cylinder, 2.5-litre petrol engine with a light-pressure turbocharger. Turbo technology produces exceptional torque from low to high revs.

How reliable is a Volvo V50?

They are normally very reliable and comfortable but are expensive for spares and regular servicing. They are a safety first company and my favorite is the V70,however my existing car is the V50.

How long do Volvo V50 last?

It can also vary depending on the make and year of your Volvo. That being said, with the proper care the average lifespan of a Volvo is typically 20 years with over 200,000 miles.

Is a Volvo V50 rear wheel drive?

The Volvo V50 is made at the Volvo Cars factory in Ghent, Belgium. 2004 saw production of 64,913 V50 cars. Drive Front-wheel drive. All-Wheel Drive available as an alternative on the T5 model.

What does V50 mean?

The V50 standards are comprised of a series of 4 ballistic tests with 4 different rounds that carry varying levels of kinetic energy that have been determined the most “common” in battlefield ballistic head/body injuries.

What problems do Volvo V50 have?

The V50 has been recalled numerous times, most noticeably for potential leaks in the fuel pipes and power steering pipes, faulty handbrakes and faulty cooling fans.

Are Volvo V50 good in the snow?

“With its combination of high performance and smooth road manners, even winter driving can be a truly enjoyable and pleasant experience.” DSTC provides added driving safetyThe Volvo V50 is also equipped with Dynamic Stability and Traction Control System (DSTC).

Are Volvo V50 good cars?

Although the V50 has been around for years, the compact Swedish estate still has plenty to recommend it. Ford Focus underpinnings mean the V50 is decent to drive, while comfortable seats and strong refinement make the Volvo a relaxing long distance cruiser.

What engine is in Volvo V50?

Volvo V50
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Engine Petrol: Global: 1.6L I4 (100 hp) 1.8L I4 (125 hp) 2.0L I4 (145 hp) 2.4 L I5 (140 hp) Global and North America: 2.4 L I5 (168 hp) 2.5 L T5 turbocharged I5 (230 hp) Diesel: 1.6L I4 (109 hp) 2.0L I4 (136 hp) 2.4L D5 turbocharged I5 (180 hp) Flexifuel: 1.8L I4 (125 hp)

When did Volvo stop making the V50?

In North America the naturally aspirated five cylinder engine, all wheel drive, and manual transmission were all dropped for the model year of 2011, leaving only the automatic, front wheel drive T5 in base and R-Design trims. The model year of 2011 was the last for the V50 in the United States and Canada.

Is the Volvo V50 T5 all wheel drive?

The V50 is now available with more power, the Haldex electronically controlled all-wheel drive available on other Volvos, and a previously unavailable manual transmission-the six-speed borrowed from the S60R. For our evaluation, Volvo supplied us with very nearly our favorite model, the turbocharged T5 with all-wheel drive.

What’s the price of a new Volvo V50?

This latest iteration of Volvo’s smallest wagon is now available in three trim levels. The naturally aspirated 168-hp front-drive V50 2.4i starts at $26,345, the turbocharged front-drive T5 model ups the base price to $27,945, and the top-of-the-line T5 AWD you see here adds the four-wheel factor to the same turbo motor and starts at $30,795.

What’s the acceleration time on a Volvo V50?

Gaining nearly 500 pounds in the process of changing names, the V50’s acceleration times are still a huge improvement over the V40’s: 8.3 seconds to 60 and 16.4 seconds at 85 mph in the quarter-mile.