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Is the Vitus Escarpe good?

In summary, the 2021 Vitus Escarpe 29 CR is a great bike – fun, capable and versatile. The 140mm/150mm mix of suspension is plenty for pretty much anything in the UK, and even some racing if you fancy it, whilst the whole thing’s still plenty capable of long days in the saddle.

Is Vitus a good bike brand?

Vitus bikes is a direct-to-consumer brand sold exclusively at Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle, meaning Vitus can offer the best value possible. Its iconic 979 frame is still prized among collectors today, and many Vitus bikes have scored highly in our reviews.

What size is Vitus Escarpe?

The Escarpe doesn’t believe in one size fits all, that’s why we offer you the choice. 27.5” or 29”. There’s an Escarpe for the way you ride.

Where are Nukeproof bikes made?

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Now designed and developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nukeproof products are sold through select independent bike dealers around the globe. The brand continues to evolve whilst retaining its proud history and traditions of being crafted by riders.

Is Vitus a wiggle brand?

Since being purchased by WiggleCRC group Vitus bikes became a direct-to-consumer brand selling exclusively on Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle websites.

Where are Vitus bikes from?

Vitus (bicycle company)

Industry Bicycles
Founded 1970
Headquarters St. Etienne, France
Products Bicycle and Related Components
Parent WiggleCRC group

Are Nukeproof bikes made in China?

Where Are Nukeproof Bikes Made? Getting bikes made in China and Taiwan is far more affordable than having them made in Western territories. However, beyond the assembly process, all Nukeproof frames are designed and developed by the company’s in-house team in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Are Vitus and Nukeproof the same company?

What both brands have in common is that they are both in-house brands for Chain Reaction Cycles, the online retail giant. …