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Is the Benelli Montefeltro any good?

The Montefeltro is an elegant semi-automatic shotgun that stands out for its reliability, light weight and pattering performance. It is the ideal shotgun for hunters who want a shotgun that is quick to shoulder and intuitive to point.

Is Benelli Montefeltro gas or inertia?

An Inertia-Driven® System shotgun is clean, reliable, and adjustment-free. Benelli cryogenically treats barrels and choke tubes to increase pattern density.

What is the Benelli ethos?

The ETHOS is an elegant semi-automatic shotgun that is the culmination of Benelli innovation, refinement and design superiority. The core of this exceptional firearm is our ultra-reliable, time-tested Inertia Driven® System, which makes the ETHOS a joy to shoot and easy to maintain.

What comes with a Benelli Montefeltro?

Comes with 3 Crio screw-in choke tubes (IC, M, F).

  • Satin-finished walnut stock.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced.
  • Low-profile vent rib with a red bar front sight.
  • Crio barrel and choke tubes.
  • Ultrareliable Inertia Driven operation.
  • Cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells.
  • 3 Crio screw-in choke tubes (IC, M, F)

What company owns Benelli?

Beretta Holding
Benelli Armi SpA/Parent organizations

Are there any problems with the Benelli Montefeltro?

1) More felt recoil from Montefeltro. 2) Benelli is super easy to clean. Too many interesting solutions to problems do not exist. I’ve owned 3 Benelli’s. Started with the Montefeltro. I liked it quite well but I had to concentrate on keeping my head down firm on the stock to hit with it due to the low rib.

Are there any hardware options for the Benelli ethos?

The only listed Ethos hardware options at the moment are just choke tubes. The felt recoil has notbeen dramatically reduced with the “Progressive Comfort System” that is said to weigh less than the wood it replaces, adding no unwanted weight to the back end.

Is the Benelli Raffaello power bore 12 new?

This year, at least in the arena of autoloading shotguns, the Benelli Ethos has generated more commentary than anything else in the category, even though the “Benelli Raffaello Power Bore 12” isn’t strictly new, just new to the U.S.

Can a Benelli Montefeltro be used for dove hunting?

The Benellis are pretty reliable and are commonly in use for South American high volume dove hunts. I shoot a Super Sport and a Cordoba which is a 20 gage version of the SS.