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Is Sunway A-Level good?

Considered the benchmark in British educational excellence and a widely recognised pre-university qualification globally, the Sunway College A-Level programme is a golden ticket to top UK universities – such as University of Cambridge and University of Oxford or Oxbridge for short – and other international world- …

How many semesters are in A-Level?

The A-Level programme is delivered over three semesters (January/ March/ July intakes) or four semesters (September intake).

What is Sunway University famous for?

Sunway University, one of Malaysia’s leading private universities which is a strictly not-for-profit institution and dedicated to quality education, supporting enterprise, and undertaking research focused on key global problems.

Does Monash offer a level?

GCE A Levels | Foundation Year | Monash College.

How do I take my A level in Malaysia?

To study A-Level, you will need to have an SPM qualification or equivalent, such as IGCSE or O-Level. SPM leavers will need to meet the minimum entry requirements of the college they are applying for. Generally, A-Level courses take 15 to 24 months, depending on the pathway you choose to pursue.

What a level means?

A-levels are the traditional qualifications that are offered by schools and colleges for students aged between 16 and 19. Short for Advanced Level, A-levels come after GCSEs. They usually focus on academic subjects, compared to vocational qualifications like BTECs and NVQs, which are more practical.

What colleges offer levels?

A list of the Top Colleges in Malaysia offering the A-Levels programmes. Basically, there are types of A-Level programmes in Malaysia which are the London Board Edexcel and the Cambridge Board….Cambridge A-Levels.

Fact Details
Awarding Body University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

CAN A levels be done in 1 year?

COURSE STRUCTURE A one-year A-Level course is particularly intensive covering the material for a two-year course in one year. It requires strict adherence to the precise subject specification. Topics are taught in broad outline, with a subsequent review to check and develop understanding.

What age do you do A levels?

A Levels are usually studied by students in Sixth Form, which refers to the last two years of secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, taken at ages 16–18.

How many students live in Sunway City?

Sunway City KL is undeniably one of the most vibrant cities in the Klang Valley. This 800-acre integrated township has a population of 200,000 including 60,000 students and enjoyed by 42 million visitors a year.

What is the difference between Sunway and Sunway College?

Sunway University was established in 2004 as Sunway University College. It was upgraded by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education to full university status in January 2011 and became Sunway University.

How many subway employees have taken University of subway courses?

· The University of Subway offers more than 700 different online courses for every level of employee, ranging from sandwich artists to managers. The training courses are coordinated from Subway’s worldwide headquarters in Connecticut. As of June 2015, more than 5.5 million employees have taken training courses through the University of Subway.

How are the courses at Sunway University delivered?

These courses are all online, self-paced, and delivered on the OpenLearning Platform where students complete activities and share their work with their peers in a highly engaging learning community. Hello everyone, I’m a teacher at Sunway University and I can’t wait to learn with all of you.

What does the University of subway app do?

The University of SUBWAY® is a free online training tool for SUBWAY® franchisees to use to help train their employees. SUBWAY® restaurant owners worldwide can use this tool to assign courses and quizzes to employees to take on their tablets and mobile devices.

Is there a campus library at Sunway University?

The Sunway Campus library is a library with an ever-expanding collection of books, e-Journals, online e-databases and audio-visual materials to support the teaching, learning and research efforts of the academic community at Sunway.