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Is Slovenia baby friendly?

It’s a family-friendly all-year-round country for your active youngsters, but this time of year is especially fun for kids – and adults. The list of family-friendly things to do in Slovenia is almost endless and varied – from outdoor sports to more creative indoor activities.

What is there to do in Slovenia in the winter?

What To Do In Slovenia In Winter: Find The Best Ski Resort In Slovenia & More

  • Enjoy The Festive Christmas Markets.
  • Try Some Cross-Country Skiing.
  • Evening Torch Walk.
  • Want Even More Nighttime Winter Activities In Slovenia?
  • Living Nativity Scene In Postojna Cave.
  • Mountain Hiking In The Winter.

Does Slovenia have snow?

Slovenia sees a fair amount of precipitation throughout the month, with heavy snow in the mountains of western Slovenia (the ski resort Kranjska Gora sees an average of 68 inches of snow or rain each year). Inland you can expect snowfall nine days of the month, the snow turning to rain the further west you go.

What is there to do in Slovenia in December?

Visit Koper and Izola and the Venetian-influenced town of Piran. If snow’s your thing, head to the Triglav National Park for pretty views of snow-laden hills and mountains, stopping in Kranjska Gora for a wintry alpine village experience.

What to do in Lake Bled in winter?

Things to Do in Lake Bled in Winter

  • Amazing views from Bled Castle. Visit Bled Castle that stands on a high cliff above the town.
  • Relaxed hike to Osojnica hill.
  • Visit island with traditional pletna boat.
  • Taste delicious traditional Slovenian dishes.
  • Explore the magical winter wonderland with snowshoes on.

What is the coldest month in Slovenia?

The coldest month is January, with an average high-temperature of 3.4°C (38.1°F) and an average low-temperature of -2.5°C (27.5°F).

How long is winter in Slovenia?

Winter lasts from December to mid-March. It can be bitterly cold during this time with daytime temperatures usually around 0-5°C. January is Slovenia’s coldest month.

Is Slovenia warm in December?

December brings proper wintry weather with daytime temperatures dipping to freezing or below as well as plenty of snowfall, especially inland and up in the high mountains. Temperatures ranging from 28-37 degrees Fahrenheit in and around Ljubljana and 19-36 degrees in the alpine north.

What is the weather like in Slovenia in January?

Overview of Slovenia in January: The average temperature in Slovenia dips to a cool -2°C (29°F). Average highs don’t often offer much relief at a still chilly 1°C (34°F). Expect average lows to drop to -5°C (23°F). January is, on average, the driest month in Slovenia.

What is the weather like in Slovenia in December?

What is winter like in Slovenia?

Slovenia has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters (snowfalls in the Alps). There is a Mediterranean climate on the coast, with the average temperature at 0°C (32ºF) in January and 20°C (79ºF) in July. Summer here is typically warm, with consistent sunshine; whereas the winters are cool and fresh.

What are winters like in Slovenia?

Where to have fun with kids in Slovenia?

Have fun with your children building sand castles or towers of pebbles on the beaches of the Slovenian coast. Swim and paddle in the sea or in heated sea water in swimming pools and wellness centres. An explosion of aquafun every day of the year awaits you at the Žusterna Water Park.

What to do in Slovenia in the winter?

If you love wine, you’ll love Slovenia. And if you need to escape the cold for a few hours, a wine tasting is the perfect way to enjoy some time indoors. Slovenia has three main wine regions, the Drava Wine-Growing Region, the Lower Sava Wine-Growing Region, and the Littoral Wine-Growing Region.

When do you need snow tires in Slovenia?

Some winters are snowier, and some are warm and dry. No matter what the wetter is like, Slovene driving law requires all vehicles to be equipped with snow tires or have snow chains in the car booth from November 5 to March 15. The minimum tire tread depth must be 3 mm.

Where can I Ride a horse in Slovenia?

Equestrianism and horseback riding in Slovenia have a centuries-old tradition thanks to the Lipica Stud Farm, the cradle of the world-famous Lipizzaner horses. Equestrian centres, tourist farms and ranches offer various options for horseback riding in fenced areas around farms, in meadows, and in forests.