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Is rebellion on Netflix good?

It’s an intriguing version of history and utterly noble in its intent. In the three-night mini-series Rebellion, serious historical drama goes up against tedious soap opera, and the battle ends in more or less of a stalemate.

Is rebellion a true story?

Rebellion is a 2016 historical drama television serial written and created by Colin Teevan for RTÉ. The series is a dramatisation of the events surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising. The story is told through the perspective of a group of fictional characters who live through the political events.

How many seasons of rebellion are there on Netflix?

That said, only time will tell how Rebellion Season 2 received on this side of the proverbial pond. But even if all we get is two seasons, it’s still an interesting and educational show for Americans to learn about history beyond our borders.

What is the movie rebellion about?

Dublin’s violent Easter Rising of 1916 ignites a long and bloody conflict between British military forces and Irish revolutionary fighters.

What is Rebellion about on Netflix?

Rebellion is a five part serial drama about the birth of modern Ireland. The story is told from the perspectives of a group of fictional characters who live through the political events of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Is Season 1 of Rebellion on Netflix?

Currently you are able to watch “Rebellion – Season 1” streaming on Netflix, AMC Plus or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video.

When did Ireland became a republic?

It was officially declared a republic in 1949, following the Republic of Ireland Act 1948….Republic of Ireland.

Ireland Éire (Irish)
• Anglo-Irish Treaty 6 December 1921
• 1922 constitution 6 December 1922
• 1937 constitution 29 December 1937
• Republic Act 18 April 1949

Is Rebellion a good thing?

How rebels can add value. Rebel leaders might cause initial fear and discomfort, but they create a sense of excitement and a vision that people can get behind. Employees who rebel create the friction required to test new ideas and alternative ways of doing things that lead to better solutions.

Is resistance a sequel to Rebellion?

Set during the time of Bloody Sunday in 1920, it is a sequel to the 2016 miniseries, Rebellion, which was set during the 1916 Easter Rising. …

Is there going to be Rebellion Season 2?

Back for a second season, Rebellion (also known as Resistance) returns with a renewed vision and an espionage flavour this time around. With a slew of returning and new characters to the fold, Rebellion does a decent job re-inventing itself, delivering a well-paced thriller full of tense moments and drama.

Is the rebellion series good enough to watch?

It’s not the best out there but it is engaging enough to watch to see how it ends. If the second season manages to refocus the series in a more meaningful way Rebellion could be a very solid offering but as it stands Rebellion is good enough to watch but not quite good enough to remember for years to come.

What kind of movie is the movie rebellion?

His new film, Rebellion, is something of a comeback, an intelligent political drama, part thriller, part war movie, and informed by something of the anger against established authority that fuelled La Haine.

Is the mood in Dublin changing in rebellion?

We are told by several characters that the mood in Dublin is changing – support for the rebels is rising. But there’s little sense of it. One of the most unsatisfactory aspects of Rebellion is the wordy pronouncements used to tell the story, that puts stilted dialogue in nearly all of the characters’ mouths at some point.