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Is Rainbow vacuum still in business?

Rexair LLC, based in Troy, Michigan, has manufactured the Rainbow Cleaning System for more than 80 years. Today, the Rainbow Cleaning System is sold and enjoyed in over 80 countries around the world.

How much does a Rainbow vacuum system cost?

How much does a new Rainbow vacuum cost? The Rainbow vacuums are high-performance vacuums that can cost a bit of money when you buy them new. They range from $1300 to $3000, depending on the model.

Are Rainbow vacuum cleaners worth the money?

A: Rainbow vacuums have slightly weaker suction power than Dyson; however, Rainbow are very strong and long-lasting vacuums and are far more durable than Dyson. We feel that the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is better value for money, and therefore better than the Dyson vacuum cleaners.

How long does a Rainbow vacuum last?

If you follow these basic guidelines, expect your Rainbow to last some 20 to 30 years because it is a very robust machine. Let’s go through them one by one. Here are some basic maintenance tips from what to do after you throw water away to cleaning the brush roll…

How long do Rainbow vacuums last?

Can I sell back my Rainbow vacuum?

Do you accept Trade ins or do you buy Rainbow Vacuums? Yes we do. Keep in mind that we sell our rebuild Rainbows at near wholesale pricing. A normal place that offers a trade in has so much mark up that they can give you a lot for a trade in.

Which is better Sirena or Rainbow?

Comparing the two vacuums, we can see that they are fairly similar in terms of power, reach and functionality. We believe that the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is a superior product and also costs a third of the price of the Rainbow E2 Black Model.

What are the attachments for the Rainbow Cleaning System?

These attachments come standard with every Rainbow: 1 Upholstery Tool 2 Dusting Brush 3 Floor and Wall Brush 4 Crevice Tool 5 Pet Grooming Tool 6 Wet pickup/Extractor Head 7 Attachment Caddy 8 Aerofresh Bag 9 Inflator Tool 10 8-Foot Hose

How much does a Rainbow vacuum cleaner cost?

Make an Offer Rainbow D4C SE canister vacuum cleaner PN2 Package With Attachments And Warranty. $299.00 Rainbow SE Vacuum Cleaner w/ Accessories tested & works. $239.99 rainbow vacuum 2 quart water basin fits model D3 & D4. $29.95 Rainbow SE Vacuum With Power Head Hoses Brushes Attachments Roller caddy. $225.00

Who is the owner of TAC auctions?

Since that first tractor was sold, TAC Enterprises has grown from a part-time business for owner Ken Nelson into one of the southeast’s largest consignment tractor and equipment auctions.