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Is Rafale better than SU 30 MKI?

Sukhoi is much better than Rafale. The speed of su 30mki is 2.1 to 2.2 mach. And most important point is that now su 30mki has Brahmos missile. And Brahmos is world’s fastest super cruise missile….Rafale vs SU-30MKI.

Range (mile) 62 99
Range (km) 100 160
Speed (mph) 2640 2970
Speed (km/h) 4248 4779

How many missiles can f-15EX carry?

The F-15EX’s weapons The F-15EX can carry up to six AIM-9X missiles on its wings. The newest version of the AMRAAM missile can detect, target and engage enemy aircraft at distances well beyond visual range.

Is the F 15 better than SU 35?

At longer ranges, the F-15C and the F-15E still have the advantage over the Su-35 with their active electronically scanned array radars. The Raytheon APG-63 (v) 3 and APG-82 (v)1 on the two Eagle variants are still considerably superior to the Su-35’s Tikhomirov IRBIS-E phased array radar.

How many f15ex are there?

The first flight of the F-15EX was performed in March 2021. Credit: Boeing / Eric Shindelbower. The USAF plans to acquire a total of 144 F-15EXs from Boeing.

Is the F-15EX a 2 seater?

The new fighter is a two-seat aircraft—though operable by a single pilot—with fly-by-wire flight controls, digital cockpit displays, and advanced avionics systems, to include the Eagle Passive/Active Warning and Survivability System, an electronic warfare upgrade also being fielded on F-15E Strike Eagle models.

Does the f15ex have thrust vectoring?

The F-15EX has a much bulkier design with a much lower thrust/weight ratio, allowing the Su-35 to easily outmaneuver it even without relying on its thrust-vectoring engines. Three-dimensional thrust vectoring capabilities, however, will make the Su-35’s advantage bewildering at short ranges.

Is Su-30 MKI twin seater?

The Su-30 or the Indian MKI version is also a multi-role, air superiority aircraft equipped with a twin-engine. The warplane is a twin-seater, capable of being utilized as an interceptor, bomber as well as a trainer simultaneously.

Which is better the F-15 or the Su-35?

The F-15’s engine thrust is considerably lower than that of the Su-35 however, which if combined with such a heavy weapons payload will seriously compromise maneuverability at all ranges and the fighter’s ability to evade missile attacks. In visual range combat, the Su-35’s advantages are even more evident.

What kind of fighter is the su-30m flanker?

The Sukhoi Su-30M is a multirole two-seater fighter, broadly comparable to the American F-15E. The Su-30MK is the export version of the aircraft. The fighter is a development of the Su-27 (Flanker) family, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of Moscow, and is manufactured by the Irkut Corporation.

Is the Sukhoi Su 30m a multirole fighter?

The Algerian Airforce is one of the operators of Sukhoi Su-30M fighter. The Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker H in flight over the South China Sea. The Sukhoi Su-30M is a multirole two-seater fighter, broadly comparable to the American F-15E. The Su-30MK is the export version of the aircraft.

What kind of engine does the SU 30mk have?

The Su-30MK is powered by two Saturn AL-37FP thrust vectoring engines, as installed on the Su-37 aircraft. The aircraft’s flight control system computes and manages the adjustment of the thrust and the vectoring for each engine. The nozzles are directed through ±15° in pitch.