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Is RAF Bentwaters still active?

The last A-10 aircraft departed Bentwaters on 23 March 1993, and the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing was inactivated on 1 July 1993. With the inactivation, the USAF returned control of Bentwaters to the Ministry of Defence. Currently, Bentwaters airfield is inactive as a military facility.

What has been filmed at Bentwaters?

Filming Location Matching “RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk, England, UK” (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • Annihilation (I) (2018)
  • Stag Night of the Dead (2010)
  • Out of the Blue (2003 TV Movie)
  • Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)
  • Ben Collins Stunt Driver (2015)
  • Belly of the Wolf (2013)
  • Space Cadets (2005– )
  • Space Detectives (2000– )

When did the americans leave Bentwaters?

The base was opened to the public to enable local residents to witness this historical and emotional event. Bentwaters was formally closed on 1st July 1993, after the deactivation of the 81st TFW. This ended the American presence at the base which had lasted just over 42 years.

When did RAF Woodbridge close?


RAF Woodbridge
Owner Ministry of Defence
Operator Royal Air Force (1943–1952) United States Air Force (1952–1993)
Condition Closed
Site history

When was RAF Woodbridge built?

In 1943 Woodbridge was constructed as one of three airfields set up to accept damaged or fuel-short bombers returning from raids over Germany, and were therefore fitted with long, heavy-duty runways.

Can you visit RAF Woodbridge?

The museum is open on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month as well as Bank Holiday Mondays, from July 2021. Outside the museum is our shop and snack bar, serving a selection of hot & cold drinks and cakes.

Where is Woodbridge Air Force Base?

Royal Air Force Woodbridge or more simply RAF Woodbridge, is a former Royal Air Force station located east of Woodbridge in Suffolk, England.

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What is at Bawdsey?

Bawdsey’s sleepy charm belies the incredible history and heritage associated with the village; along this stretch of coastline stands Bawdsey Manor, the world’s first operational RADAR station, four Martello Towers, machine gun emplacements and other WWII defences, a testament to the vulnerability of this area in the …

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What can you do at Bentwaters airfield in Butley?

Buildings at this still remarkably intact airfield store a tremendous array of items, ranging from wine to equipment for the Aldeburgh Festival, which has also mounted musical events here. Base Business Park / Bentwaters Business Park / Bentwaters Parks / RAF Bentwaters / USAAF Station 151

When did RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk close down?

RAF Bentwaters is located in Suffolk near to the town of Woodbridge. It opened in 1944 and closed in 1993. It was the home of the United States Air force’s 81st Tactical Fighter Wing. We obtained permission from its owners at that time to visit the site and take some photographs. Our report on the trip follows as do the photographs.

Where are the Bentwaters Parks in Suffolk located?

Sarah Brown, Director. Bentwaters Parks is in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, close to the Heritage coast and with good rail links from Liverpool Street. It is also only 10 minutes by road from the A12.

What was the original purpose of Bentwaters Park?

Bentwaters Parks Built in 1943/44 this building was originally the Gas Clothing & Respirator Store. It has had various uses over the years but it is not known what its main use was for. Originally built in around 1943 this is a wartime T2 Aircraft Shed (Hangar).