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Is Polish pottery supposed to match?

The Polish Pottery Outlet offers a huge variety of incredible patterns and designs on a wide range of high-quality ceramic products, imported directly from Poland. One of the best things our customers love about Polish Pottery is that you don’t have to match your pieces!

What is special about Polish pottery?

The pottery originated in the Silesia region of Poland. The minerals found in the clay in this area produce an exceptionally strong pottery. As a result, Polish Pottery is not only known for it’s beauty, but for its durability as well. Each piece is unique and is safe to use in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

How many Polish pottery patterns are there?

About this Reference Guide: Ceramika Artystyczna has been producing Polish stoneware since the 1950s. They have over 6000 different patterns in over 1500 shapes.

Where is Polish pottery?

Polish Pottery is hand crafted with pride at many small manufacturing companies in Boleslawiec, Poland. All of the pieces are hand painted, using sponge stamp and brushes to paint the art on each piece.

Does Polish pottery chip easily?

Polish Pottery is hand-crafted and painted stoneware. It is very dense in nature, allowing the pottery to be chip and crack resistant. Lustrous glazes are applied to each dish, adding a beautiful shine, as well as preserving the vibrant colors. It also makes cleaning a breeze.

Where does Zaklady Boleslawiec make their stoneware?

This Polish Pottery Stoneware 8 cup Serving Bowl – Blue Peacock is handmade and handpainted by the Zaklady Boleslawiec factory in Boleslawiec, Poland. This Polish Pottery Stoneware 5″ Spoon Rest – Peacock is handmade and handpainted by the Zaklady Boleslawiec factory in Boleslawiec, Poland.

Who is the largest manufacturer of pottery in Poland?

Zaklady Ceramiczne “Boleslawiec” is the largest and oldest manufacturer of Polish Pottery. Established in 1946, Zaklady produces beautifully decorated, dependably high in quality, and very durable authentic Polish ceramics. Zaklady products include dinnerware, bake ware, serving dishes, and kitchen accessories.

How many pieces of pottery does Zaklady make per year?

Based on the intricacy of the stamped design, Zaklady patterns range from Traditional to Signature (Unikat). This factory produces approximately two million pieces of pottery per year.

Which is the oldest pottery factory in Boleslawiec?

Zaklady. Zaklady is the oldest pottery manufacturer in the town of Boleslawiec. Drawing on artistic traditions from 1865, the factory was rebuilt and reopened in 1946 following World War II. Zaklady’s products and artwork are of very high quality and functionality. Five levels of artwork range from their “Classic” (traditional)…