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Is Mobo a Modern Baseball?

On 23 October 2015, Modern Baseball released MOBO Presents: The Perfect Cast EP featuring Modern Baseball via Lame-O Records. The album was the first after a long wait since the band’s previous full-length album You’re Gonna Miss It All.

Did Modern Baseball break up?

In February 2017 the band announced that they would be cancelling their US tour and taking a break to help protect their mental health and friendships. In an October 2017 interview, Ewald confirmed that the band had no plans to play any more shows for the indefinite future.

Who is Modern Baseball?

Brendan Lukens
Jake EwaldIan FarmerSean Huber
Modern Baseball/Members

Where is Modern Baseball from?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Modern Baseball/Origin

Who is the singer of Modern Baseball?

Brendan Lukens
Modern Baseball are an American indie rock/melodic punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2011. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Brendan Lukens, vocalist/lead guitarist Jacob Ewald, bassist Ian Farmer and drummer Sean Huber.

What genre is sorority noise?

emo pop
Indie rock
Sorority Noise/Genres

Why was Sorority noise canceled?

In April 2018, Sorority Noise canceled a tour after a sexual assault allegation was made against frontman Cameron Boucher.

What did moose blood do?

Moose Blood have released a statement announcing that they have fired their drummer, Glenn Harvey, after it was discovered that he had been sexually harassing a female fan over the course of months.

When did modern baseball release their second album?

The group’s second full-length album, You’re Gonna Miss It All, was released on Run For Cover Records in 2014, reaching #97 on the Billboard 200. The group toured the United States in early 2014 with The Wonder Years. Modern Baseball toured the United Kingdom in September 2014.

Who are the band members of Modern Baseball?

Modern Baseball was an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bren Lukens and Jake Ewald were high school friends. Brunswick, Maryland, who began as an acoustic duo before relocating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend college; Lukens at Chestnut Hill College, and Ewald at Drexel University.

When did modern baseball tour in the UK?

Modern Baseball toured the United Kingdom in September 2014. The band spoke ahead of their tour explaining how they manage their busy schedules. This followed a tour of the United States in a headlining spot with other bands Knuckle Puck, Foxing, Crying, and Somos .