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Is Mirai Nikki a love story?

Adapted from Sakae Esuno’s manga series, Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) tells the story of two middle school students, their love for one another, and their participation in a survival game to become the new God of Time and Space. …

Is there romance in the future diary?

This fun romp focuses on a group of people competing to be god, each one gifted with a future-diving tool to help with their hunts. Combined with some crazed characters and a controversial romance, Future Diary did a great job of garnering plenty of attention.

Who was Asta’s first kiss?

Rebecca thinks about how she cannot fight with a girl that can fight alongside of Asta. Rebecca then kisses Asta on the cheek and thanks him for saving her siblings, and thinks that she can take his first kiss. Asta tells her your welcome, while Noelle is shocked.

How many Yunos are there in Mirai Nikki?

It is revealed over the course of Future Diary is that there are three Yunos, originating from three different parallel worlds created when the first Yuno performs time leaps to the past. The first Yuno and the most prominent, travelled to the second world and killed her second self to replace her.

How did Yuki and Yuno become god of causality?

Yuno and Yuki became the last two surviving diary owners. In love with one another, neither were willing to kill the other to become the god of Causality. They decided to perform a double suicide, taking an overdose from medicine and seemingly died together.

Why was Gasai Yuno put in detention in Mirai Nikki?

Not removing the corpses from her house, Yuno began to act like they were still alive and talked to them, her home’s electricity cut off due to unpaid bills. Now with nothing left to live for, Yuno fell into despair, to the point of being put in detention at school to write up her dreams for the future.

How did Gasai Yuno help Yukiteru in the diary?

Even while the diary does not help her much by itself, Yuno can more than enough make for it with her great and cunning intelligence, which has saved both Yukiteru and herself in several times.