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Is Millbrook bread still made?

In addition to Wonder Bread, the company bakes Millbrook, Roman Meal and Sun-Maid breads. The good news is that the company will still produce and distribute its sweet snack cake products in Southern California, she said.

Who bought Butternut bread?

Flowers was designated as the leading bidder for Hostess’ bread business on Jan. 11. Besides Wonder, the deal includes Nature’s Pride, Merita, Home Pride and Butternut bread brands, as well as 20 bakeries.

What happened Butternut bread?

Lack of new products, in part, is behind the demise of the Butternut plant here. Lewis Bakeries has shifted some of its efforts to producing a whole wheat bread sweetened with Splenda under the Healthy Life brand, but the Chicago plant was baking only Butternut bread.

Who bought Interstate Bakeries?

Interstate Bakeries

Type Private
Successor Hostess Brands
Headquarters Irving, Texas, United States
Key people Gregory F. Rayburn, CEO
Products Brands such as Wonder Bread (US only), Hostess, Nature’s Pride, Merita Breads, Home Pride, and Dolly Madison

When did Interstate brands close?

November 21, 2012
Hostess Brands/Ceased operations

Can you still buy Dolly Madison products?

Dolly Madison products can be found across North America in convenience stores, mobile vending ice cream trucks, and many concessions. And coming soon in 2019, Dolly Madison products will be available in national grocery chains.

Who owned zingers?

Gretzinger Bakery
Zingers is a snack cake produced and sold by Dolly Madison and Hostess, snack food brands owned by Hostess Brands….Zingers.

Chocolate Zingers
Type Snack cake
Created by Gretzinger Bakery
Main ingredients Sugar, corn syrup
Food energy (per serving) 140 kcal (586 kJ)

What brands does hostess own?

Some of the iconic brands that Hostess Brands produces are Hostess® Twinkies®, CupCakes, Donettes®, Ding Dongs®, Zingers®, Danishes, Honey Buns, and Coffee Cakes as well as our delicious Voortman® cookies and wafers that also come in sugar free offerings.

Do they still make Roman Meal bread?

Roman Meal Bread But the brand no longer exists in North America, because the rights were sold to Flower Foods in 2015.

When did Interstate Bakeries come out of bankruptcy?

Under Craig Jung, Interstate Bakeries emerged from bankruptcy as a private company on February 3, 2009. The plan included a 50-percent equity stake by Ripplewood Holdings and credit lines from General Electric Capital and GE Capital Markets, Silver Point Finance and Monarch Master Funding.

What was the stock price of Interstate Bakery?

Interstate Bakery’s stock, which had been $34 per share, fell to $2.05 with the bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy proceedings (at the time, the longest-running in U.S. history), Interstate fought a 2007 bid from Mexican baker Grupo Bimbo and Ron Burkle of the Yucaipa Companies.

When did the hostess company file for bankruptcy?

That subsidiary filed for bankruptcy in 2005, emerging from Chapter 11 in 2009. Layoffs occurred during that time and even since 2009, said Halvorson. The job reductions took a toll on company morale, according to bankruptcy documents filed by Hostess on Wednesday.

When did Schulze and Western merge with Interstate Bakeries?

The company sold Butternut bread, wrapped in gingham, to grocery stores. Schulze and Western continued to operate separately under the Interstate umbrella until 1937, when they merged with Interstate Bakeries.