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Is Mage good in 2v2?

2v2 Compositions for Fire Mage. Because Fire Mage has so much burst and control, you may find it is surprisingly good in 2v2 with a healer. Playing with a healer slows down the pace of the game and allows you to fine tune the basic mechanics of your class and can be an effective way to practice.

How do you beat the rogue in PVP?

In order for the Rogue to have a chance against a Warrior, he must surprise and stun lock him. A Warrior should expect a Cheap Shot, followed by a Kidney Shot. The rogue might open with a Sap, but that is generally wasteful for him unless he needs time to heal or regain energy.

What comp counters rogue mage?

The strongest counters to Mage/Rogue are Holy Paladin/Marksmanship Hunter, Discipline Priest/Survival Hunter, and Discipline Priest/Frost Death Knight.

How to play fire mage in 2v2 Arena?

This page is part of our Fire Mage PvP Guide. 1. In 2v2 Arena, you do not have many options. It can be quite difficult to kill a healer in 2v2 by yourself, so you will likely be focusing an enemy DPS. Before you use your burst rotation, make sure the enemy healer is in crowd control. Ideally, you will be playing with a healer that can stun.

What are the counters for fire mage subtlety Rogue?

The most obvious set of compositions that Fire Mage/Subtlety Rogue counters is Windwalker Monk/Healer. This is consistent across all WW/Healer comps, with each comp suffering a 50-100 rating disadvantage against Fire Mage/Sub Rogue.

Can a fire mage still cast polymorph?

If you get interrupted while casting Polymorph, you can still cast Fire spells. Fire Mages have a lot of instant damage and will not struggle against melee DPS like the other Mage specializations. It is important to note that Mages have Spellsteal and can use it to steal HoTs to heal themselves.

Which is the hardest 2v2 Comp in Wow?

Rogue & Mage is hardest 2v2 comp in every expansion, not just TBC. In theory that comp can beat every other comp, it’s just that it needs to be played perfectly to do so after 1.5k rating 95% wins/losses are based on class composition not skill.