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Is it safe to take kayam Churna daily?

Doesn’t contain any harmful substances and is safe to consume. Helps treat mouth ulcer, acidity, etc. Ideal for chronic constipation, headache, and hyperacidity.

How do you drink kayam Churna?

Dosage. Consume 1 to 2 tablespoon of powder before going to sleep with warm water as per requirement.

Who is the owner of kayam Churna?

Founded in 1972 by Kishan Sheth, Rasik Sheth, Ashok Sheth and Kirit Sheth, the Ayurvedic products’ company is currently being run by the second generation comprising seven brothers including Deven Sheth, Kamlesh Sheth, Pragnesh Sheth, Gaurav Sheth, Alok Sheth, Tejas Sheth and Mohit Sheth.

Which Churna is best for constipation?

Constipation (Vibandha)

Name of Formulation Dosage(Per Dose Duration
Pancha sakar churna 1.5-3 Gm. 3 days
Trifala churna 2-3Gm. 3 days
Gandharvahastadi kashayam 15ml. 7-10days
Kalyan Guda 12-24Gm. 3days

Does kayam Churna have side effects?

It can also lead to other complications including diarrhoea, high blood potassium, abdominal pain, loss of fluids, etc. Although it can be consumed in prescribed doses by most adults, pregnant women should avoid ingesting it since it can stimulate contractions of uterus causing bleeding or spotting.

What is the use of kayam tablet?

Kayam Tablet is a very famous ayurvedic medicine for constipation. It is not traditional ayurvedic medicine. It is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. Kayam tablet is claimed to be beneficial in chronic constipation, acidity, gas, headache and mouth ulcer.

Which is the best Ayurvedic tablet for constipation?

Triphala. One of the best known Ayurvedic laxatives is Triphala, a medicinal blend of dried fruits from the plants Emblica officinalis (Amalaki or the Indian gooseberry), Terminalia bellerica (Bibhitaki), and Terminalia chebula (Haritaki).

What is the side effect of kayam Churna?

What are the side effects of kayam tablet?

How many countries has Kayam churna been exported to?

We export our products to 30+ countries. Our motto is to ensure that people get good quality products. This explains the popularity of Kayam Churna. Awesome natural product that has no harmful ingredients.

Which is the best manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicine?

Since inception in the year 1972, we, Sheth Brothers, have grown steadily on the ground of high quality products. We have embarked our presence in the market as a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Medicines and Ayurvedic Products.

Which is the first international office of Sheth brothers?

Sheth Brothers, known for its Ayurvedic medicine for constipation ‘Kayam Churna’, is setting up its first international office at Dubai, which will be handled by the third generation of the company.