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Is hydroxyurea used for thrombocytosis?

Your doctor may suggest one of the following prescription drugs, perhaps along with low-dose aspirin, to reduce your platelet count: Hydroxyurea (Droxia, Hydrea.) This drug is the most common prescription used for essential thrombocythemia.

How long does it take for hydroxyurea to lower platelets?

Dose modifications should be considered in patients with renal insufficiency. Continuous treatment with hydroxyurea has been shown to reduce platelet counts to less than 500,000/µL within the first 8 weeks in 80% of patients.

How does hydroxyurea work to lower platelets?

Hydroxyurea works by inhibiting DNA synthesis and causing cell death. Hydroxyurea can cause white and red blood cells and platelets to decrease below normal values and this can increase the risk of infection, anemia, and/or bleeding. Hydroxyurea also goes by brand names Hydrea® and Droxia®.

What does hydrea do to platelets?

The following side effects are common (occurring in greater than 30%) for patients taking Hydroxyurea: Low blood counts. Your white and red blood cells and platelets may temporarily decrease. This can put you at increased risk for infection, anemia and/or bleeding.

What is the most common side effect of hydroxyurea?

The more common side effects of hydroxyurea can include: stomach pain. constipation. diarrhea.

How long can you be on hydroxyurea?

But, you should try the hydroxyurea for at least six months before stopping It.

How long can you stay on hydroxyurea?

Is hydroxyurea taken for life?

Hydroxyurea oral capsule is used for long-term treatment. It comes with risks if you don’t take it as prescribed. If you stop taking the drug suddenly or don’t take it at all: Your cancer cells may divide more rapidly or your sickle cells may change back to their sickle shape.

What are the long-term effects of taking hydroxyurea?

Long-term treatment with hydroxyurea is associated with painful skin ulcers, aphthous ulcers, non-ulcerative toxicity with erythema, and skin infiltration. [17] Rarely, long-term therapy with hydroxyurea is associated with gangrene of the toes and digits.

Can you take hydroxyurea for life?

The long-term side effects of hydroxyurea are not fully known. Some people wonder if hydroxyurea could cause cancer if taken for a long time, but this has not been seen in people with sickle cell disease who have been treated for as long as 20 years.

What are the long term side effects of hydroxyurea?

What are the long term effects of taking hydroxyurea?

What causes essential thrombocythemia?

Essential thrombocythemia may be caused by a person acquiring (not inheriting) a somatic mutation in any of several genes, such as the JAK2 gene (most frequently), CALR gene , and rarely, the MPL , THPO , or TET2 gene. The reason why some people acquire mutations that cause the disease is unknown.

Will you have thrombocytopenia with hydroxyurea?

Thrombocytopenia is found among people who take Hydroxyurea, especially for people who are male, 60+ old , have been taking the drug for < 1 month, also take medication Jakafi, and have Chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Is there any natural treatment for essential thrombocythemia?

TREATMENT OF ESSENTIAL THROMBOCYTHEMIA BY PLANET AYURVEDA . Planet Ayurveda offers various effective herbal remedies for the treatment of Essential Thrombocythemia. These remedies are: Manjishtha Capsules. Liver Detox Capsules. Navkarshik Churna. Curcumin Capsules. Graviola Capsules.

Can I take hydroxyurea for thrombocythemia?

Physicians often use hydroxyurea for the initial treatment of essential thrombocythemia . This drug has a broad dose-response range, mild side effects, and theoretically little mutagenic risk.