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Is glissando the same as portamento?

A portamento (from the French porter meaning “to carry”), like a glissando, is also when the pitch slides from one note to another. Most simply stated, a portamento is an ornamentation used at the end of a note to connect to it to the next, while a glissando is more of a deliberate slide between two notes.

What is a portamento slide?

In music, portamento (plural: portamenti, from old Italian: portamento, meaning “carriage” or “carrying”) is a pitch sliding from one note to another.

Is glissando bad for piano?

Sweeping fingers across keys from one end of the keyboard to another can be hazardous, especially when experimenting with various fingers and finger combinations. Most pianists will agree that whilst there might be several ways to play the glissando, few guarantee total safety for the pianist.

What do you call the sliding quickly between 2 notes?

A trill occurs when you flutter your fingers very quickly between two notes that are close together, either a half step or whole step apart. So, what do you call fluttering between two notes that are farther apart? Well, you call it whatever you want, but the world of music calls it a tremolo.

What portamento means?

: a continuous gliding movement from one tone to another (as by the voice)

How do you play glissando on piano without hurting?

A few things to highlight when doing a glissando are the following:

  1. Use your nails as much as possible and avoid your skin rubbing the keys.
  2. Be sure you are getting enough Vitamin D for your nail health.
  3. Go slow when learning.
  4. Repetition.
  5. Use the proper technique for going up and going down.

Why is glissando used?

“GLISSANDO. A term unfortunately used by composers anywhere but in Italy to indicate a rapid glide over the notes of a scale on keyboard instruments and the harp, as well as a slur with no definite intervals on strings and on the trombone.

Is glissando a chromatic?

Glissando lines indicate a continuous transition between two notes, which can be smooth or in chromatic steps. There are different conventions regarding the playing techniques for glissando and portamento.

Is glissando an articulation?

The pitch slide tends to come only at the very end of the note, more or less during the articulation change into the next pitch. A glissando is a far more deliberate slide that generally lasts for a significant part of the duration of the initial pitch on its way to the new pitch.

What is PIZZ short for?


Acronym Definition
PIZZ Pizzicato