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Is distance education degree valid in UAE?

In the UAE, one of these rules is that no online/distance education degrees are accepted for licensing, even if the degree is from an accredited online/distance education school. In the UAE, these degrees are not recognized, even if one attended one of the tutoring centers/satellite campuses of the school.

Is Osmania blacklisted?

Gems Education, which recruits young job aspirants, said OU is blacklisted in UAE as the distance education and regular courses offered by the university is not recognised on technical grounds. Several countries in the West Asia region have blacklisted Osmania University rendering the degrees from it useless.

Is Osmania University Recognised internationally?

Officially recognized by the University Grants Commission of India, Osmania University (OU) is a very large (uniRank enrollment range: over-45,000 students) coeducational Indian higher education institution formally affiliated with the Islamic religion. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

Is Osmania a country?

Osmania University is named after its founder, Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad who rather through a farman or Royal Charter, brought the University into existence in 1918. It is the seventh oldest in the Country and third oldest in South India.

Is IGNOU certificate valid in UAE?

Yes, now you can complete your study in Dubai with IGNOU because it is not limited to India for provide their education but now it also offered their various programme across Dubai.

What is the rank of Osmania University in world?

Osmania University Ranking 2019-2020 – Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

Institution Name Osmania University
World Rank 1998
National Rank 68
Quality of Education Rank 505
Alumni Employment Rank 1035

Is Annamalai University Distance Degree valid in UAE?

5 Answers found. The distance – education provided by IGNOU, Annamalai,Manipal and Andhra universities are authentic and these degrees are universally accepted.

Can I study IGNOU from Dubai?

Is Ignou certificate valid in UAE?