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Is Dewey the library cat still alive?

Dewey passed away on November 29, 2006 due to complications from a stomach tumor. He had become very frail because of hyperthyroid disease for which he was receiving medication. He died in the arms of the library director, Vicki Myron.

Where is Dewey the library cat buried?

Soon after, his health began to decline and the decision was made by his caretaker to have him euthanised. Dewey passed away in his owners arms at age 19….Dewey Readmore Books.

Birth 18 Nov 1987 Iowa, USA
Death 29 Nov 2006 (aged 19) Spencer, Clay County, Iowa, USA
Burial Dewey Readmore Books Memorial Spencer, Clay County, Iowa, USA

What type of cat is Dewey?

Dewey Readmore Books (November 18, 1987 – November 29, 2006) was the library cat of the Spencer, Iowa, Public Library….Dewey Readmore Books.

Dewey Readmore Books in 2002
Species Cat
Term 1988–2006
Owner Vicki Myron
Named after Melvil Dewey

What is Vicki Myron doing these days?

Career. Myron returned to Spencer and started working in its public library in 1982. She served as the head librarian of the Spencer library for 25 years. She retired in 2007 and lives in Spencer, Iowa as of December 2008 with her cat Page who was given to Myron by her friend who found the cat on a snow-covered road.

Is Dewey a true story?

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World is a best-selling non-fiction book published in September 2008. The book recounts the life of Dewey Readmore Books, the cat in residence at the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa.

Where was the library cat from?

The book recounts the life of Dewey Readmore Books, the cat in residence at the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa. Grand Central Publishing paid $1.2 million to Vicki Myron, head librarian, and co-author Bret Witter for the rights to the cat’s life story.

How many libraries are in LA County?

LA County Library

Location Downey, Los Angeles County, California
Coordinates 33°55′40″N 118°09′41″WCoordinates: 33°55′40″N 118°09′41″W
Branches 86
Size 4,799,808

Are Contra Costa libraries open?

We’re Open. Libraries are open at 25 locations across the county.

How long does it take to get a book on hold?

Holds for items that have available copies (on the shelf in a branch) are filled within 3-4 days. The average time to fill a hold is 22 days, however, popular materials may take longer.