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Is Cole MacGrath coming back?

Despite a short tease at the end of inFamous 2 showing Cole getting hit by lightning, Brand Development Director Ken Schramm told Push Square that he won’t be resurrected: He’s dead, man. We’re not into reincarnation, or sci-fi, or anything like that.

Is Infamous done?

Since 2014, the Infamous series has been dormant, with the popular superhero games being left in the past as developer Sucker Punch took on something new. Much like Naughty Dog came back to Uncharted after its work on The Last of Us, Sucker Punch should consider doing the same with the Infamous franchise.

What is delsin Rowe’s power?

Power Absorption: Delsin has the ability to absorb the power of any conduit, which gives him potential to become the most powerful conduit in existence. He can see memories of the conduits when he absorbs their powers.

Is Reggie dead Infamous?

Another similarity to Trish is that Reggie is killed near the end of the game by the main antagonist (Augustine/Kessler), which augments the protagonist’s grudge against them (Delsin/Cole). The only difference is that Cole can attempt to save Trish (Evil karma), while attempting to save Reggie cannot be done.

Who is stronger Cole or Delsin?

In terms of power and skill, Cole had Delsin outmatched. Delsin did have an advantage against Cole through his different powers, but there are only so many power sources for Delsin to drain before he’s forced to fight Cole with the only power at his disposal.

Is Delsin the most powerful conduit?

Who is the most powerful conduit? Delsin has the potential to become the strongest since he can just take everyones powers.

Who made infamous second son?

Sucker Punch Productions
Infamous Second Son/Developers

Is the Infamous series over Reddit?

Absolutely not. Sucker Punch just wanted a break from the franchise, which is why they spent six years making Ghost of Tsushima, as a way of telling fans that they’re capable of so much more than just Infamous and Sly Cooper.

Is there going to be an infamous 3?

Unless Sucker Punch has a secret second division, we’re not going to see inFamous 3 from them any time soon. The Bellevue-based studio is knees deep in development of its biggest, most ambitious game to date: Ghost of Tsushima.

Is there going to be a sequel to infamous?

It’s strange to think that inFamous is now a decade old, but what’s stranger is that, for almost half of that time, the franchise has been in hibernation. So, what are the chances of a sequel? Unless Sucker Punch has a secret second division, we’re not going to see inFamous 3 from them any time soon.

Is the hero in Infamous 2 still alive?

In the final moments of the second game (the good ending), it is heavily implied the electric-powered hero is still alive. Fans are hoping to someday play the next chapter in Cole’s story.

Is there going to be infamous on PlayStation 5?

Iconic Infamous character Cole MacGrath could be making his return to the world of video games on the PlayStation 5, and fans would be pleased. By Michael Austin Published Oct 05, 2020 Infamous was one of the most popular games for the PlayStation 3.