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Is Cecil the commander of the Blue Wings?

Cecil harnessed the job’s dark powers and became one of the kingdom’s top warriors and was promoted the captain of Baron’s airship fleet, the Red Wings. The king discharges Cecil from the captaincy and orders him to hunt Eidolons in the Mist Valley, and to deliver the Carnelian Signet to the village of Mist.

Is Golbez a Dark Knight?

Although Golbez does not appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, he is given an indirect reference in the overseas releases in the form of the optional boss Culex via his name, job description as a Dark Knight, and to a lesser extent his homeworld’s name, as Golbez and Culex’s names are both derived from …

What kind of magic can Cecil do in Final Fantasy?

White Magic – Cecil, only as a Paladin, is able to use six low level White Magic spells, including Cure, Cura, and Esuna. (see the Magic section of this guide for more). Was this guide helpful? Dark Knight Cecil sets out on a quest to discover the truth behind the mysterious crystals and the evil Golbez in FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE.

How is Cecil Harvey pronounced in Final Fantasy XII?

In the English version of the 3D remake originally released for Nintendo DS, as well as in Dissidia Final Fantasy, Cecil is pronounced [/ˈsɛsɪ̈l/] ( seh-sil ). However, the bonus disc included with the Final Fantasy XII collector’s edition pronounces it as [/ˈsiːsɪ̈l/] ( see-sil ).

Where do Cecil and Kain go in Final Fantasy?

Cecil and Kain leaving Baron, from the official novelization. The next morning, Cecil and Kain leave for Mist. They pass through the Mist Cave where a voice orders them to return to Baron, and when Cecil and Kain refuse, the mist gathers and the pair battles the Mist Dragon.

Who is Cecil in Lord of the flies?

Cecil, confronting his dark side. Cecil is a strong and gifted knight, gaining the respect and admiration of his men during his captaincy of the Red Wings. Although being raised by the King of Baron, Cecil is modest, shy, and insecure.