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Is 6pin to 8pin adapter safe?

If a 8Pin 18AWG cable can go safely to 300watts, so can a 6pin. But if you use 6pin 24AWG wire it will melt and probably catch fire. If you are just going from 6 to 8pin, it won’t make a difference.

What is a 6 2 pin connector?

6+2 pins is a 6 pin connector with an optional 2 pin that can be clipped into place. This means it can act as a 6 pin, or an 8 pin. It will work with both.

What is the difference between 6 pin and 8 pin?

8-pin connectors have 4.2mm pitch and can deliver up to 150 watts, twice the amount that a 6-pin connector is capable of. If a 6-pin connector is plugged into an 8-pin slot, the GPU will attempt to draw more power than that cable is rated for, resulting in a fire hazard.

Can I use 8pin on 6pin?

You can insert that cable into your gpu as long as you leave the 2 that won’t fit out of the gpu. The card will only draw power from the 6 pins that are in it.

Is Sata to 8 pin safe?

Its generally not a safe way to get the amperage to the unit. Adapters are typically never a good choice, SATA and Molex are the two worst to use.

What is a 6 2 PCIe cable?

6+2 connectors are considered 8 pin. They manufacture it as 6+2 so that you have the ability to accomodate a GPU that requires either a 6 or 8 pin, or multiple connections.

Does 6’2 Go PSU or GPU?

COLGeek said: You connect one of the 6+2 connectors from the PSU to the connector on the GPU. COLGeek said: You connect one of the 6+2 connectors from the PSU to the connector on the GPU.

Can I use 8 pin CPU on GPU?

So in theory the card should be absolutely fine. For reference, if the card has just an 8-pin connector, then if you powered it with an EPS12V, it would have been exposed to -12V which would have almost certainly have caused it to fry – and would probably also have taken the motherboard out along with it!

Is a 4 pin to 8 pin adapter safe?

Typically no, it’s not considered safe to use a 4-pin (molex?) to 8-pin PCIe adapter. Adapters are not standardized and can use thin gauge wire that can melt if too much power goes through them. It’s worrisome that you say 4-pin to 8-pin, because the 4-pin connectors are for the CPU and cannot be used for a GPU.