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Is 160mm travel too much for hardtail?

It depends totally on your riding style and the intended use. For pretty much XC or dirt jump, go with a 100mm XC or dirt jump fork. For general trail riding a 120 to 130 would work well. For AM to light Free ride a 140 to 160mm fork would be the ticket.

Can you put 160mm forks on a hardtail?

Several hardtail ‘enduro’ frames exist which can accept 160mm forks; some are even designed around this value, but all are a compromise. You just need to set up the forks the right way. In order to deal with aggressive riding, ‘short travel’ forks need to be more progressive than their 160mm/long travel brothers.

What is the best hard tail?

Best hardtail mountain bikes: the best hardtails for cross country and trail riding

  • Mondraker. Podium RR Carbon.
  • Yeti. ARC.
  • Santa. Cruz Highball.
  • Vitus. Sentier 29 VRX.
  • Kona. Big Honzo CR.
  • Orange. P7 R 29.
  • Banshee. Paradox.
  • Cube. Elite C:68X SLT.

What is hard tail frame?

A hardtail is a bike with a solid frame and it usually has a suspension fork on the front. This allows the two sections of the frame to move independently, and the rate of that movement is controlled by a shock absorber.

Can I put 140mm forks on a 120mm bike?

Going from 120 mm up to 140 mm should be perfectly fine. It will probably give you 1 degree of slack angle to your front end and raise your bb height by possibly 1/2″.

What is better Merida or Norco?

Despite the price difference, the Merida gets higher quality wheels, and it also gets a full Shimano XT groupset. Not only is the XT shifting faster and crisper than the SRAM Eagle drivetrain on the Norco, the XT 4-piston brakes also have a smoother lever feel and a nicer finish compared to the Code R brakes.

How much should I spend on a hardtail?

At the bare minimum, we recommend looking at hardtails for no less than $1,500 and full suspension at $2,000 to $2,500. You can certainly purchase bikes for less, especially if you get away from the name brands or are willing to take inferior parts.