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How wide is a 2010 Mazda cx7?

2010 Mazda CX-7/Width

Is the CX-7 bigger than the CX-5?

The CX-5 has a wheelbase of 106.3 inches, exactly two inches shorter than the CX-7’s. With a length of 178.7 and a width of 72.4, the CX-5 is 5.6 inches shorter and 1.3 inches narrower than its sibling.

What is the length of a 2011 Mazda CX-7?

2011 Mazda CX-7/Length

How long will a Mazda CX-7 last?

With proper care and maintenance, the 2012 mazda cx7 can last up to 200,000 miles.

How long is a CX7?

Mazda CX-7

Mazda CX-7 (ER)
Wheelbase 2,750 mm (108 in)
Length 4,676–4,681 mm (184–184 in)
Width 1,872 mm (74 in)
Height 1,646 mm (65 in)

What motor is in a 2010 Mazda CX7?

2.3 L 4-cylinder
2.5 L 4-cylinder
2010 Mazda CX-7/Engine

What’s the difference between a Mazda cx7 and cx9?

The difference between Mazda CX-7 and Mazda CX-9 is that the CX-7 has only two rows seating and can accommodate up to five people whereas the CX-9 has a three row seating and can comfortably accommodate up to 7 people. Though the CX-9 is longer than the CX-7, there is a certain amount of leg room that is sacrificed.

Whats the difference between as CX-5 and a CX-7?

The CX-5 and 7 are offer similar powertrains (the CX-5 features Mazda’s Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter I-4 making 155 horsepower, while the CX-7 uses an older 2.5-liter engine with 161 horsepower), and they are similarly sized. Despite that difference, the 2013 CX-5 actually offers more interior space than the CX-7.

What size gas tank does a 2011 Mazda cx7 have?

16.4 gal.
Used 2011 Mazda CX-7 Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy) 20/28 mpg
Fuel tank capacity 16.4 gal.
Fuel type Regular unleaded
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 328.0/459.2 mi.

Is a Mazda CX 7 front wheel drive?

All Wheel Drive The 2007 Mazda CX-7 comes standard in front-wheel drive, but is also available with Mazda’s Active Torque-Split all-wheel drive (AWD) system. Rather, a computer can send up to 50 percent of the available power to the rear wheels in necessary situations.

Is Mazda bringing back the CX-7?

According to those reports, Mazda plans to bring back its crossover CX-7. This mid-size crossover was introduced 2006. And it was produced until 2012, when it was discontinued and succeeded by a little bit smaller CX-5. Now company plans a big comeback of this model, which should come as 2016 Mazda CX-7.

Where is the Mazda CX7 made?

The CX-7 is built in Hiroshima, Japan, starting in early 2006. The CX-7 was shown publicly for the first time at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show in January. Production officially began on February 20 at Mazda’s Ujina #2 factory in Hiroshima.

What is a Mazda CX 7?

Mazda CX-7. The Mazda CX-7 is a mid-size crossover SUV from Mazda, and is the production version of the MX-Crossport concept car.