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How to Keep a Stable Mind While You Are Doing Time

So you have to do time and think you will go crazy. In fact, there are many ways to make the time go quicker, while gaining a skill, increasing your knowledge, connecting with Mother Earth and keeping your body fit. You may work for a small wage and even be able to send some funds to the folks back home.

You have only your prison cell; no clocks or phones, and often the minutes can stand still. Your mind is all that you have at this point.

Increasing Your Knowledge

You can do puzzles and sharpen your brain. Sharpen your pencil as well and meet the challenges of problem solving. Resiliency is built through solving problems. Keep life simple.

Visit the library to learn about those who have met challenges. Spend the time, you would have spent deciding what to wear while outside, to build your brain power while on the inside. Not having to worry about such things as what to buy or where to eat frees your mind for the really good things that are important.

Might this be the time to write a book?

Learning a New Skill

From gardening to computers, learning new skills establishes daily habits and routines that improve mental health. Mental toughness is a valuable skill in itself. You can learn the basics of computer programing or learn about neuroscience.

Take classes, if they are offered. Your mind will be sparked with new connections as your knowledge is increased.

You may find a job that pays minimum wage but adds to your mental health as well as your spending account.

Receiving Money From Home

You may want to have money sent to your commissary account by friends or family. You will be able to buy food as well as pencils, papers, envelopes and writing materials for letters home.

Families should remember the following when sending money to an inmate in federal prison:

Tip 1. They’ll need to know:

  • Inmates full committed name
  • Inmates identification number
  • Current location of inmate

To send money to an inmate in federal prison this information will be necessary.

Tip 2. Before sending you money, they need to get the procedure for sending money and whether there is a limit. Some prisons only allow up to $200. There are prisons that require that senders be on their visitor list.

Tip 3. Those sending money should only send to your account and not that of your friends. They should keep all receipts and order numbers to ensure tracking if a problem arises.

Keeping Fit

Mind and body fitness are two skills you can build in prison. Besides lifting weights to enhance your body, know that throwing back your shoulders and raising your chin will give you more confidence and make you feel better. Forcing a smile is sometimes the best way to lift yourself up on days when you feel down.

Take advantage of the gym. Prison workouts are known to create people who look good when they return to society. You won’t have personal trainers, high-tech machines or fancy equipment. Use your body weight to do exercise that are more than push-ups or sit-ups. Some of the exercise that prisoners enjoy that don’t require a gym membership include:

  • Wall-sits
  • Body weight squats
  • Lunges
  • Squats

Become the king of the rec room or the prison with badass exercise that tells your onlookers not to mess with you. And leave prison with a better bod.

Parole, etc.

Federal prisons may grant parole to some; reduced sentences can also be the result of good behavior. Good behavior begins with knowledge and confidence, which can be gained in prison.

These are some tips for keeping your mind as well as body while you serve time. Use this period to serve your own body, mind and spirit with what is available to you within the prison system. Not only will you be happier, you will leave more resilient and be able to face the challenges of the world outside.