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How To Get The Best Granny Flats Designs?

If you are looking for quality granny flat designs then the granny flat floor plans are optimised for Sydney and greater NSW. The Australian climate demands energy efficient and thoughtful designs. Every one of the plans has been built somewhere in Sydney or country NSW . Granny Flat Solutions have a range of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom granny flats designs to suit any budget or block.

The granny flat designs look and feel like only appointed homes. They must be designed to be ergonomic, energy efficient and to maximize usable space. The lines are over 485 mm and roof lines are identical to the newly built project home. The insulation provided exceeds the minimum basic requirements. You get everything a main dwelling would benefit from.

Designer Range Granny Flat Designs –

The design arrange offers you the same premium service and a faster turnaround with no risk to the integrity of the build. The designer range includes one bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, two storey granny flats, Studios and cabanas.

Why Choose a Designer?

Same Premium Service – The company takes pride in the work and assure you will receive the same multi-award winning, high quality workmanship, trusted trades, attention to detail and attentive customer service.

Quicker returns (ROI) – The faster turnaround gives you a quick return on investment, allows you to start paying off your granny flat sooner and leaving more money in your back pocket.

Faster Turnaround – Through the designer range you can have your granny flat approved and constructed in 16 weeks with no risk to the integrity of the overall build.

Pay Less, Get More – In conjunction with faster turn around, you may receive free upgrades, discounts and cashback.

Contemporary Luxury

The range of granny flats surprise and delight you with their clever design, stylish comfort and thoughtful details. Built in conjunction with the new home , the design complements the main home and provides a lifestyle everyone loves.

Generation Appeal

It doesn’t matter who calls your granny Flat home, the range of stunning designs appeals to everyone from baby boomers to young adults, saving for their home and visiting family and friends. The range includes bedroom designs to ensure you will find a style that is perfect for your needs.

Spacious And Stylish

The granny flat brings together a comfortable Studio accommodation zone with a generous and welcoming living area taking in kitchen, living and dining space. Completing this functional and Stylish self-contained home is a laundry, bathroom and plenty of storage.

The Perfect Home Office

Need a place to work from home or a separate office space? The open plan living style of the granny flats make them the perfect solution for a home, office or Studio space away from the main home and create a welcoming guest space when friends and family come to stay .


So find the best option to build your granny flat.Get the best designer and find a company that is keen to work with you and provide you with excellent solutions on a feasible budget.

How To Get The Best Granny Flats Designs?