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How old is Jose Villa?

José García Villa
Villa in 1953
Born August 5, 1908 Manila, Philippine Islands
Died February 7, 1997 (aged 88) New York City, New York, U.S.
Pen name Doveglion

What camera does Jose Villa use?

Jose Villa: I love my Contax 645 camera with my 80 mm 2.0 lens. I’ve had this camera since it came out 14 years ago.

What is Jose Garcia Villa known for?

Jose Garcia Villa (1908–1997) was a Filipino poet, writer, and critic. He used the pen name “Doveglion,” which was a combination of the words “dove,” “eagle,” and “lion” and was what he believed was his true persona. His notable works include The Anchored Angel, The Emperor’s New Sonnet, and Footnote to Youth.

What must a poem have according to Villa?

Villa said, “These lines mean exactly what theysay: That a poem must have magic, and it mustbe musical.” I asked the poet, “What meaning would youascribe to the next lines?”

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How did Jose Villa Garcia describe poem?

He is known for his “reverse consonance” style in poetry such as “said” and “days”. He is also popular in his style for “comma poems” with every word with commas making the reader pause for every word, slowing the pace of poem resulting to what Villa called “a lineal dignity of pace and movement”.

What makes a poem magical?

The beauty in the poems is from the heart core of the writer. he/she is fully devoted to their poem and their feelings and emotions make a clear picture of the poem in our mind. the poems are patronized in such a way that they become magical and the reader goes into another word after reading it.