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How old is Dave Mustaine today?

60 years (September 13, 1961)
Dave Mustaine/Age

How old is Electra Mustaine?

23 years (January 28, 1998)
Electra Mustaine/Age

Who is Electra Mustaine father?

Dave Mustaine
Electra Mustaine/Fathers

Who is Dave Mustaine married to?

Pamela Anne Casselberrym. 1991
Dave Mustaine/Spouse

Mustaine married Pamela Anne Casselberry in 1991. They have two children together, Justis Mustaine (born February 11, 1992) who also plays the guitar and has appeared in several local theatrical productions, and Electra Mustaine (born January 28, 1998), who is pursuing a career in country music.

Who is Pam Mustaine?

Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine’s one of the recent appearances has been revealed by his lovely wife Pamela Mustaine, who is the mother of their model child Electra Mustaine.

Who was fired from Metallica?

38 Years Ago: Dave Mustaine Fired From Metallica.

How old is Kiko?

49 years (June 16, 1972)
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How tall is Dave Mustaine height and weight?

For example, net worth, nationality, age, and more! Dave Mustaine’s height is quite tall measuring 1.83 m. Boasting a weight of 84 kg. Being born on September 13, 1961, translates to an age of 59 years as of todays date (September 12, 2021).

How old is Justis Mustaine in real life?

Real/full name: Justis David Mustaine. Age: 27 (born Feb 11th, 1992) Place of origin: United States. Gender: Male.

How old is Dave Mustaine’s son David?

Dave Mustaine Son Justis David Mustaine born February 11, 1992, who also plays guitar and has appeared in several local theatrical productions.

Where was Dave Mustaine of Metallica born?

Dave Mustaine’s birth took place on September 13, 1961, in La Mesa, California, USA. He was born as David Scott Mustaine to mother Emily Mustaine and father John Mustaine.