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How old is allari?

39 years (June 30, 1982)
Allari Naresh/Age

Who is Allari Naresh father?

E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Allari Naresh/Fathers

When was Allari Naresh born?

June 30, 1982 (age 39 years)
Allari Naresh/Date of birth

Who is Allari Naresh wife?

Virupa Kantamnenim. 2015
Allari Naresh/Wife
Naresh married Chennai-based architect Virupa Kantamaneni in 2015. The couple has a daughter, born in 2016.

What is the height of Allari Naresh?

1.83 m
Allari Naresh/Height

Are Allari Naresh and Nani related?

Nani, a good friend of Allari Naresh, wrote, “Finally got to watch #Naandhi @Allarinaresh Super happy for you ra .. ..

Is Naresh son of Krishna?

Vijaya Krishna Naresh (born 20 January 1960), known mononymously as Naresh, is an Indian actor, politician and social activist known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema and television….Naresh (actor)

Parent(s) Vijaya Nirmala (Mother) Krishna (step-father)

Who is Naresh daughter?

New Delhi: Telugu actor Allari Naresh, who became a father about two and a half months ago finally revealed his daughter’s name on Twitter. The comedian shared a beautiful picture of himself with his wife Virupa Kantamneni and daughter, whom the couple has named Ayana Evika Edara.

Is Naresh a Brahmin?

Nagesh was born as Cheyur Krishna Nageshwaran to Madhwa Brahmin parents. His parents were Krishnan Rao and Rukmani Ammal. Nagesh Was Born In Dharapuram. He left Dharapuram at an early age and moved to Madras city in search of a career.

Who is the actor in the movie Laddu babu?

Laddu Babu is a 2014 Indian Telugu -language comedy film starring Allari Naresh and Bhumika Chawla, directed by Ravi Babu and produced by Tripuraneni Rajendra. Allari Naresh plays an extremely obese man in this film.

How did Naresh play the role of Laddu babu?

Naresh wore prosthetics to portray his role as an extremely obese man. Laddu babu is a slim good looking man, until a mosquito laden with a strange virus bites him.

How old is Naresh in the movie Allari?

Naresh made his foray into films under the who direction of Ravi Babu in the film Allari, an adult comedy in which he played the role of an 18-year-old who is infatuated with a beautiful girl. His performance was well praised by the critics. wrote, “Naresh is a natural actor and he suited the role perfectly.

How did Laddu babu become an obese man?

Laddu babu is a slim good looking man, until a mosquito laden with a strange virus bites him. Within months he becomes enormously obese in an irreversible condition. His unnatural size becomes a problem for his father Kishtayya because he wanted to get his son married fast.