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How much is the registration fee in MHADA lottery?

MHADA Lottery Scheme 2021 Konkan Board

MHADA Lottery Scheme 2021 Registration Fees
Category Registration fees
EWS Rs 5,560
LIG Rs 10,560
MIG Rs 15,560

Can I sell MHADA flats?

Those who own flats MHADA flats are allowed to sell their units only after five years from the date of purchase. However, one needs to be cautious if one is buying a flat in resale. Sale through the power of attorney is deemed illegal, and if the MHADA conducts a surprise raid, you are liable to be evicted.

How do I register with MHADA?

Steps for applying for the MHADA Housing Scheme 2020-21 Visit the official website of MHADA ( Register urself and create an account on the portal. Enter all the details with the mobile no and generate OTP. Verify your mobile no to confirm your registration.

Are MHADA flats worth buying?

Are MHADA flats worth buying? Honestly, there are pros and cons of buying a MHADA flat. MHADA flats are cheaper than the other flats and have an increasing sale value. However, buying a MHADA flat is not preferred by people who want complete ownership of the property.

Who is owner under MHADA?

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority

Agency overview
Minister responsible Jitendra Avhaad
Agency executive Anil Diggikar, Vice President & Chief Executive Officer
Parent agency Ministry of Housing (Maharashtra)

What is EMD amount in MHADA?

Sources in the MHADA said that if an applicant is in the economically weaker section (EWS) category, the EMD for a single application is Rs 15,000. While for the lower income group (LIG), the EMD is Rs 25,000, it is Rs 50,000 for the middle income group (MIG) and Rs 75,000 for the higher income group (HIG).

Who is the owner of MHADA?

What is the full form of EMD?

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Scheme.

How do I get a refund from MHADA lottery?

MHADA Lottery refund complaints

  1. In case of any issue or Complaint, You can file your complaint on the offcial website of MHADA.
  2. You can also call on +91-9869988000 and 022-66405000 Helpline Numbers to register your complaint related o a refund.
  3. Maharashtra Helpline number for complaint is:- 18001208040.

What is EMD amount in mhada?

How to register for MHADA lottery in Mumbai?

Log on to and follow three easy steps to register for MHADA lottery 2016. Mumbai: The wait is over! Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) have begun the registration process for sale of thousands of low-cost homes in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

When is lottery draw for MHADA Konkan board?

MHADA’s Konkan Board Lottery draw for 8 thousand 984 tenements on October 14 Housing Minister Shri. Jitendra Awhad launches online application registration and application filling process. Flag hoisting at MHADA headquarters on the occasion of Independence Day.

Which is an important step of MHADA board?

Great response for MHADA houses even in Covid period indicates that the general public has faith in MHADA – Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar MHADA Pune board conducts lottery draw for 2908 tenements. Important step of MHADA in maintaining the balance of environment by creating Miyawaki forest – Environment Minister Shri.

Which is the flag hoisting at MHADA headquarters?

Flag hoisting at MHADA headquarters on the occasion of Independence Day. For explaining the historical events of chawls in Mumbai MHADA publishes “Chalintle Tower” coffee table book. Residents of dangerous cessed buildings in the city of Mumbai will get transit accomodation in South Mumbai- Shri.