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How much is the Congolese passport in South Africa?

1) Completed passport application form. 2) Copy of your current/previous Congolese passport (BIO page only)….FOR A CONGOLESE PASSPORT APPLICATION.

Multiple entries (3 months validity visa) $160
Multiple entries (6 months validity visa) $450

How do I apply for a passport in Congo?


  1. Completed passport application form.
  2. Copy of your current/previous Congolese passport (ID page).
  3. If your passport is lost or stolen, please provide a written police report.
  4. 2 recent passport photos (Not older than 6 months).

How much is a visa from South Africa to Congo?

A fee of US Dollar 125 is payable on submission of the application for a visa, consisting of an official visa fee US Dollar 45 and a service fee of US Dollar 80 plus optional US Dollar 3.00 for SMS fee. Two coloured recent passport type photographs (3×4 in size) attached to the application in the space provided.

Do South Africans need visa for Congo?

Visas are required for holders of ordinary South African passports for Republic of Congo for visits of up to 90 days. For visits longer than 90 days contact the South African Embassy in Brazzaville for assistance with the local authorities.

Do I need visa for Congo?

A valid passport, visa, and vaccination certificate showing a current yellow fever immunization are required for entry into the DRC. American citizens should not travel to the DRC without a valid visa, and should apply for one well in advance of any trip to allow for unanticipated delays.

Can you go to Congo without a visa?

A visa is required for all types of travel to the DRC, and the visa must be obtained in advance of arrival. The government of the DRC now requires that all visa applications be accompanied by an invitation letter that is notarized in the DRC and bears the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kinshasa.

Do South African citizens need a visa for Congo?

Sadly yes. To travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo you need a visa. Your passport must have been valid for at least six months, and have enough space inside to insert a visa.

Do South Africans need a visa to go to DRC?

Visa Requirements Visas are required by SA, British and all other passport holders. For visit: a letter of invitation from the host in DRC with full address/or confirmed hotel booking.